Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ripon Prison & Police Museum,With Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ripon Prison & Police Museum, 20th December 2015

Simply Ghost Nights were so excited to be returning to The Ripon Prison & Police Station Museum after a break of two years, would the spirits be willing to entertain our ghost hunters, we would soon find out.  
This was our second investigation at Ripon Prison and even though the weather had done its best to dampen the mood our spirits were very high as it was just a couple of days before Christmas.
Being such a small location we decided to keep guests to a minimum so they would get the best experience and oh boy did they have a great night!
In one of the upstairs cells Rosey and Lesley along with one group of guests had what can only be described as an active vigil. From the minute we had set up the equipment and started to call out we were amazed when the REM pod was going on and off on command.
We also had really loud tapping on the table. coupled with K2 going off on request and then a Bang on cell door was heard by all the group . People reported getting touched, and legs were being stroked etc.,
We all heard clear footsteps outside. Cold breezes . We decided to attempt some table tipping and once again upon request the table was moving and tipping to named people on request.
Everyone at this point had noticed the cell had become somewhat darker and the cell door was no longer visible which freaked some guests out a little. 

The second group who came into the cell reported exactly the same activity. and thankfully the same amount.