Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ripon Workhouse Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th April 2013

Once again we were warmly greeted by our lovely host Linda for our ghost hunting event at The Ripon Workhouse Museum. Also we were accompanied by Simply Ghost Nights good friend and former Most Haunted medium Chris Conway. The event began with a mediumistic walk around lead by Chris, on the walk around Chris picked up on the spirits of numerous past residents of The Ripon Workhouse Museum. With a full house of ghost hunters ready and excited for the investigation to begin it was time for our ghost hunt at Ripon Workhouse Museum to commence. We held a large group séance in the board room where we attempted a human pendulum with one of brave ghost hunters being the pendulum, the group ascertained through questions and answers that we had made spirit contact with a former female resident of the workhouse. Through yes and no we found out that she had died at the age of 42 years of age, and that she had also had children as well and we also gathered that she was a local girl who had fallen on bad times with her husband. It was at this point that we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate the ghostly world of Ripon Workhouse Museum. In a vigil with Stuart and Phil in the washroom area the group made spectral contact with a male sprit called Robert, Robert claimed to have been a resident at the workhouse in 1878. However what happened in a table tipping experiment would amaze the group of ghost hunters, after a fantastic display of table tipping from Robert it was suggested that the group came away from the table and held their hands above the table. The group asked Robert to move the table with no one touching the table and to the groups shock the table moved about an inch not once but twice to the group's excited squeals and whoops of delight. This example of spirit power totally amazed the group who witnessed this fete of ghostly strength. In a vigil with Jez and Jo in the nurse's room with a group of brave ghost hunters who were using a Frank's box to communicate with the spirits of Ripon Workhouse Museum, using the white noise theory where it is said that the spirits manipulate the radio signals to speak via the airwaves through the Franks box. Both Jez and Jo detailed how they had made spirit contact via the ouija board with a male spirit called Bob, and then they decided to  use the Franks box instead to attempt spirit communication with Bob. This is where the fun began with Bob, at once Jez said that profanities were heard; Bob used the full array of foul and coarse language imaginable. Again what is amazing about this episode with Frank's box is that no Radio station in the U.K is allowed to use such vulgar swear words. Mel and Simon mentioned that in a vigil in the upstairs boardroom they had some brilliant K2 spikes on request and tapping on the table as well. They also described that when calling out they all clearly heard tapping on the table as well. Yet again we were beaten by the clock and all in all it had been another event full of paranormal activity, as we said our farewells to the Linda and the spirits of The Ripon Workhouse Museum we knew that we could not wait to return.