Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts at Ryecroft Hall, 8th October 2016

Ryecroft Hall in Manchester is a great testament to the area with this huge unspoiled Victorian house. Ryecroft Hall was built in 1849 by James Smith Buckley. The hall took several years to build and was opulently styled in a manner befitting a successful and affluent Victorian family. Many of the rooms still have their original wood paneling and stunning ornate ceilings.
Our night began with a group vigil in the meeting room. With many ghost hunters claiming to be touched especially on the legs and the back could this have been the playful hands of the spirit children, or even the soldiers who have been seen in this particular area?
We had lots of excited guests who were waiting in anticipation to see what was going to happen so we split into four groups and each group took an area to investigate.
In one vigil in the downstairs ballroom one of our groups of ghost hunters heard taps on a table table on request and the table was moving all over the room for most of the vigil, and it was spinning round in both directions and it also changed direction when asked to. The vigil was so intense we simply could not believe it when it was announced it was time to switch areas, time had flown so fast.
In the top floor ballroom one group reported the table tipped in all directions on request as the group attempted a table tipping experiment. The group said they made ghostly contact with a little girl spirit child aged nine via the Ouija board, and in the same room earlier another group had also reported to have contacted a little girl aged nine, could this have been the same spirit child wanting to converse with two groups?
What's even more interesting is a story of a young girl who is often seen on the staircase who seems to appear about the age of eight or nine, could this be the same girl?
Stuart spoke of his time in another vigil, at first the vigil had been a quiet one, then as soon as the group asked questions with the K2 meters as divination tools the K2s literally went into overdrive, with spiking on request to yes and no questions. This went on for a good twenty minutes and even Stuart was amazed at the response and the fact the K2s went up to red each time in response to a question.   
Once again the spirits of Ryecroft Hall had not let us down with their power to communicate with our brave ghost hunters.