Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, with Simply Ghost Nights 27th February 2016

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Ryecroft Hall, 27th February 2016

Simply Ghost Nights travelled to Manchester to Ryecroft Hall for a night of ghost hunting and hopefully spirit interaction. Ryecroft Hall is usually quite active on investigations would it be as good as previous ghost hunting events.
In the group vigil many guests heard footsteps from the ladies toilet and banging from within the walls as well, this was investigated by team and guests a like and no reasonable explanation could be found to where the footsteps had come from, as everyone held hands again in a circle the footsteps were heard again and were much more noticeable, again they were investigated and no explanation could be found. A K2 and a REM pod both alarmed out at the same time to the groups excitement after short while we decided to form into smaller groups and continue the search for spirit interaction.

In the cellars Lesley and Rosey mentioned that in a vigil a group witnessed taps on a table on request and answering yes /no questions. the table eventually began rocking backwards and forwards trying to lift and  light anomalies were seen on a wall behind a guest who felt as if someone was stood behind him. A guest claimed to have had her hood pulled a couple of times as well as  another guest who was a soldier had appeared to be singled out by the 2 male soldier spirits we often encounter in this room and they made him feel as if they were stood behind him and making various parts of his body go cold. Shadow seen moving past door way into another part of the cellar and shadows seen in the room we were working in

Cassie and Sue described some excellent table work in the Ballroom with the table tipping between guests and Rosey and Lesley also spoke of a fantastic table tipping session in the Ballroom too. Lesley did mention that in the Ballroom while using the Ovilus a guest was to f@@k off. 
Sarah and Morgan noted a vigil in the Welcome room where a group made contact with a gentleman spirit called Elliot via the Ouija board who had been stationed at Ryecroft Hall as a soldier, Elliot had enjoyed his time at Ryecroft during the war years and had a wife and four children when he lived on the earth plane.
In the Cafe Stuart and Jez detailed a vigil where a group had some excellent table tapping on request and the K2's going off on request and this also occurred in the Cafe with Rosey and Lesley with footsteps been heard from the empty corridor. However Lesley said when they offered the spirit Chocolate cake the REM pod went off as well.
In the Cellars with Jez and Stuart in the empty comms corridor all the group heard very loud footsteps and what sounded like dragging of feet as well on further inspection no was in the comms area as were the only ones down there.
All groups had great responses via the Franks box and Ovilus with guests names been heard and Cassie, Lesley and Rosey all noting the use of more elaborate swear words too.
Stuart and Sarah also recalled a number of guests smelling Lavender or flowers in the Welcome room, the smell of Lavender is also associated with a resident spirit who we first encountered over ten years ago at Ryecroft Hall called Maureen a former cleaner. Maureen made her presence known in number of vigils as she detests people in her way while doing her job and Maureen made herself known  via the Ouija board and Franks box in a number of vigils.