Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At St Briavel’s Castle, Gloucestershire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 26th April 2013

It was indeed a pleasure to be allowed to hold a paranormal investigation at such a venue, with a history of hangings, murders, intrigue what more could you ask for in a venue. The castle sits neatly on top of a small hill in the quiet village of St Briavel's, as we walked around the idyllic surroundings the could not hold their excitement for our ghost hunting event to begin, with a full house of ghost hunters as excited as we were, it was just a question of will the spirits of St Briavel's want to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. We had a walk around some of St Briavel's  castle to  acclimatise ourselves to the rooms and corridors, after this walk around it was then that we decided to begin with the ghost hunting event at St Briavel's castle. As we broke away to investigate the castle the size of the place was really impressive, with a cluster of rooms on differing levels it was certainly an ideal to hold an investigation. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo they heard tapping on the table while doing a Victorian séance, and Dean and Sophie both claimed to have heard a woman sigh right behind them, where no one was sat. Rosey and Jo also stated that three members of a vigil claimed to have changed their appearance while using the scrying mirrors, Amanda spoke of how she actually changed sex and looked like a man with really long hair and a pug nose with pock marks on her face.  In a vigil in the hanging room with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart and team leaders Treena and Jez, were attempting a table tipping experiment. After a good 10 minutes of calling out and asking the spirit world to move the table, the table begun to creak and groan and to the excitement of Lynne, Tony, David, Anne, Beryl, and Janet the table begun to rock backwards and forwards as Jez asked  for the spirits to tip the table in turn to each of the brave ghost hunters in turn, the spirits duly obliged again to the delight of our sitters at the table. Treena conducted an ouija board experiment with the group also and they picked up the name of a female spirit called  Lizzie, Treena described how Lizzie through yes and no detailed how she had lived at the castle in the 18 th century and had been a servant. Lizzie again through yes and no answered that she was at the castle on visitation and that she had many happy memories of the castle. Jez also described how in the banquet room the table moved and tipped in all directions to the surprise and shock of Teah, Fern, Maggie, Adele, Yvonne and Jackie. At one point the table tipped up on to two legs and balanced there for about 15 seconds before turning slightly onto one leg. Yet again we were beaten by the clock in another activity packed night, as we sloped off to our beds we all spoke of what a fantastic night it had been and we cannot wait for our return alter in the year.