Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 29th January 2016

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 29th January 2016

Formally known as St Catherine’s Hall, it was originally the home of the Banks family. In 1928 the South-West Yorkshire Joint Board for the Mentally Defective was established under the provisions of the Mental Deficiency Acts of 1913 and 1927

Opened in 1930 the building then became known as the St Catherine's Institution. The institution was later vested in the National Health Service in 1948.This 173 year old Grade II listed property is now in high demand with paranormal investigation teams because of its reputed hauntings.

In a vigil being held in the one of the Attic Rooms which was extremely hot a female guests reported a very distinctive cold spot. one of our quick thinking team asked the group to rotate 180 degrees so that they would be stood in opposite positions. The cold spot or air seems to follow the guests. There was only the door to provide ventilation and what little light we needed to continue. 

In another vigil area downstairs our guests chose to open their vigil with a table tipping experiment, that was fruitful in that they quickly established a link with someone in spirit. The table rocked in a controlled manner as it responded to guests asking it to come forwards and move the table if they could.  The K2 meter used gave no indicators for the duration of this vigil.

The group  progressed with glass divination and established they had made contact with spirit who confirmed they were not a patient, male, a doctor or soldier. They went on to be informed by the female spirit that she was a member of the Banks family that lived here and that she was 9 years of age. The spirit later answered that she liked being at St Catherine's Hall and liked guests being there.

In the cellars the activity was apparent within minutes of our guests calling out it seems they had made a connection. This time with a male spirit. 2 guests reported cold spots to their side and later behind them as they swapped places. One reported she could feel what was described as 'someone lightly treading on the toes of my shoes and as she was saying this is sensation occurred again. We lit a torch but concluded that guest either side of her hadn't moved and they had not accidentally done this.  

Then 3 of them said they could feel cobwebs in their face or hair and again to disprove that any were hanging from the ceiling we lit it with a torch directly underneath. The K2 meter used gave no indicators for the duration of this vigil.

In the kitchens we had a very enthusiastic group of guests opened their vigil with a table tipping experiment. Alas despite their energies and much laughter it did not move.  Quickly continuing they requested to use the Ouija board to communicate and after approximately 30 minutes they established a connection. Oddly the spirit only seemed to want to communicate when they were talking amongst themselves. That said they discovered that a former worker at the hospital in the kitchen area had come forwards. They were informed by the spirit they were female and aged 61 when they passed over.

The phenomena that was interesting to note was that all present including team heard what sounded like rustling in the corner by the door. This is interesting because very similar phenomenon was documented at SGN's last investigation at St Catherine's Hall. The area and the boxes were inspected but we could not detect a readily obvious cause for this sound.There was no K2 meter or REM pod activity to report. 

Again this popular venue was 'Sold Out' event and the Simply Ghost Nights team looks forward to its return and welcoming more guests into St Catherine’s Hospital at our next event.