Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At St. Johns Mansion, 23rd April 2016

This was our third investigation of St Johns Mansion, Warwick. The Simply Ghost Nights team and guests eagerly assembled in anticipation of the vigils that were to take place during the night ahead.
St Johns Mansion is a Jacobean mansion, which showcases the social history collections. Galleries which include a Victorian Kitchen, Schoolroom, Attic and Cellars all of which are reputedly Haunted. The team were itching to get started as they have had many personal experiences at this location in the past.
In the Cellars With Rosey, Lesley and Hannah one group were calling out for taps and bangs which were being repeated on request, our guests were reporting feeling very uneasy in this area as it was quite dark and we were hearing noises all around us. Suddenly one guest said she could see a shadow in the bottom end of the cellar which was partially lit around a door, the shadow seemed to be making its way towards the group, who then all reported feeling a sudden blast of cold air circling the table.
We had rolled a cat bell to the other end of the cellar and a few guests were sure they had heard the bell move, but upon checking it was still in the same place. Twinkling bright lights were seen too.
It made the whole group feel very vulnerable and some guests even asked if they could at this point have torches on. We thought this was best to avoid a case of hysteria. Our guests were so afraid at one point when Stuart our medium came and shouted "Its break time) they were so relieved they couldn't get out of the cellars fast enough.
In the upstairs room with Jez and Stuart a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a gentleman called Harry, who described how he lived at the house and worked at the house in the kitchen area, when asked if had suffered a hard life the glass went to yes and when asked further questions it transpired that Harry had felt he had being mistreated by his superiors. The group also learned that Harry had died with a lump in his stomach has his stomach had grown. 
Also in the cellars with Stuart and Jez a group witnessed shadows moving and two guests claimed to have seen a tall man behind Stuart which petrified them and also REM pod alarmed out as well on a number of occasions.