Ghost Hunting Blog At Temple Newsam, Leeds, With Simply Ghost Nights, 8th November 2014

Arriving at this dramatic location the Downton Abbey of the North! Temple Newsam is birthplace and childhood home of Lord Darnley, husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and we were excited and thrilled as to what awaited our paranormal investigation.    Simply Ghost Nights were privileged to be returning to Temple Newsam for a ghost hunt, ghost hunts at Temple Newsam are held in what as been called the most fantastic building in the North. With a fantastic history Temple Newsam is shrouded in mystery and intrigue and if the walls could talk what would they tell us, however we don't have to rely on the walls to speak when we have the ghosts of Temple Newsam to communicate with on a ghost hunt at Temple Newsam. Firstly we must thank Ian and his team at Temple Newsam for all their support and team work in ensuring the event ran like clock work and professionally.   Once again the night began with a brief discussion about our ghost hunting event and the equipment our guests would be using on their paranormal investigation. After the chat it was time to commence with our ghost hunt of Temple Newsam, we then held a large group vigil with our full house go ghost hunters. In this vigil we had a number of guests feeling sick, maybe this was the spirits of Temple Newsam affecting our guests, and when Rosey tapped on the floor for the spirits to copy her the same distinctive tap was heard literally been tapped on a wall in the far corner where no one was stood. After ten minutes it was time to break up into smaller groups and discover who, why or if spirits of Temple Newsam would interact with our ghost hunters.    During one of the vigils in one of the bedrooms one group were conducting glass divination  and appeared to be talking to the man who claims to be the man who killed a young maid there, quite interestingly on the back staircase (where, as records confirm, a poor young maid Phoebe Grey was murdered in 1704 - and whose ghost is regularly seen in that area)   Lesley and Jez reported that in a vigil in the Blue lady room they had loads of taps on request and both k2s going to red. The table was creaking and trying to move a number of ghost hunters heard a definite moan. Also everyone's knees were going cold on request and one guest felt she had a female child sat on her knee. Most guests experienced cold draughts on hands and knees and one guest felt as though they were having their finger stroked.   Stuart and Mark a group of ghost hunters witnessed an astounding occurrence when the table violently rocked from left to right for about 6-8 seconds with no one touching the table at all, it looked as though the table was been pushed from underneath and this was validated by Mark, Ian, Stuart and all the guests around the table who all were totally shocked by what they had just seen. And mesmerised by the fact that no one was touching the table whatsoever. In another area Jez and Lesley got a male spirit through on the table who wasn't married. He wasn't the only spirit in the room. Again we heard scratching under the table. Taps on request, cold draughts similar to last group and k2 spiking  Jez described a vigil in one of the bedrooms when a female spirit who said she was part of the family and lived in the house although she appeared not to be able to spell her name began with f. She was married and said she was married to William who we had in the previous room. She took the glass to where she was stood and we had a laugh about William fancying a guest. William moved the table for us again as he had in the previous room and again all guests experienced cold draughts around their hands and knees. In the nursery room all groups experienced table work and glass work with the spirit of George making his presence known in a vigil with Stuart and Mark and also in a vigil with Treena and Rosey as well.   We all enjoyed a fabulous night and would like to pass on our heartfelt thanks to Ian and his team of staff at Temple Newsam for all their help, historical knowledge and participation on the night.