Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At The Hull Chocolate Factory, 13th February 2016

This was Simply Ghost Nights first adventure into the ghostly world of The Hull Chocolate Factory, this large building which been converted into numerous sound recording studios and a variety of other rooms. As our first time ghost hunt at The Chocolate Factory we were a little apprehensive that would the spirits communicate with our guests. We wouldn't have long to find out.

Mark and Phil reported a vigil in room number 3 that a number of guests heard rather loud bangs on request from a small room in the room itself. On further investigation no reason for the bangs could be found, and when the group asked for more bangs the spirits duly obliged to the groups pleasure.
Rosey and Lesley delighted in informing the S.G.N team of a vigil using the Franks box where a number of the guests were surprised to hear their own names repeated back to them via the Franks box.
Cassie described a vigil near room 1 where two guests shouted that they had heard footsteps in the corridor, when Cassie looked with the guests no one was in the corridor and the other groups were well away from the vigil area.
Stuart and Jez mentioned in their report that a group of ghost hunters had made spiritual contact via the Ouija board with a gentleman spirit called Cliff who claimed to have worked at the factory in the 1930's, Cliff was quiet on the board but responded positively to the K2 in making it flash to the groups questions for yes and no.
The majority of the team spoke witnessing table tipping in some of the rooms, Ouija board and Franks box were other ways in which the spirits formulated ways to communicate with our ghost hunters.