Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At The Red Lion, Pontefract, West Yorkshire

What an amazing night of paranormal activity we encountered at this most haunted building. The whole team anticipated an exciting night ahead of ghost hunting and paranormal research. As we started the main group vigil, all the ghost hunters clearly heard a door slam shut in the room, and one of the female ghost hunters was astounded to see a shadow move from one side of the room to the other, through a mirror, who could this have been as everybody in the room was sat down at the time? In most of the vigils there were flucuations with the K2 meter readings, and some amazing glass divination results and table tipping. However what the team leaders had caught on the voice recorder, literally had the whole group speechless. When calling out "is any spirit people here", a disembodied voice is captured clearly saying "I am spirit". This left all the group absolutely stunned when it was played back, as it had not been heard at the time . The spirit of a woman called Katherine communicated with a group and she claimed to have had seven children. Another group were astounded when they heard what they thought, was someone running up the attic stairs to join their group, when nobody entered the attic, one of the ghost hunters went to investigate who was there, and to his horror he was shocked to discover no one was on the attic stairs at all. Also in the attic another group helped a trapped and tortured soul move over to the other side. Also in the attic, one group was using a Frank's box with some rather strange results to say the least. Other paranormal activity was recorded on the night, such as people been pushed, been tugged and a sense of dread was noted by some ghost hunters.