Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights 17th October 2014

Ghost Hunting Blog At The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights 17th October 2014

The Simply Ghost Nights team were once more excited to be returning to The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum for a ghost hunting event and we were joined by our good friend Chris Conway.   In group vigil at the start of the night we called out to spirit, asking them to copy noises, tap on items etc. Many guests reported hearing a door slam to our welcome room which was just down the corridor, what seemed strange was there was nobody else in the building and no windows or doors open!  Jez whistled and straight away as clear as day the exact same whistle came back.This had our ghost hunters excited to get started as it seemed the spirits were dropping enough hints to get started. In a vigil on the middle floor with Andy and Stuart a group of ghost hunters made contact with a spirit girl called Anna via the glass, when the group asked Anna to do something special in the room the REM pod alarmed out and flashed almost seconds later, the group asked Anna to do it again and the REM pod alarmed out again. The group were entertained later in the vigil by Anna during a table tapping experiment when the group would tap out a sequence of taps on the table and they would hear they exact sequence tapped back to them.   On the eerie top floor of the fire station with Rosey and Chris two guests had reported feeling disorientated and had heard whispering in that area. During this vigil people felt cold breezes and reported being touched including which can often be put down to muscle spasms but that night this particular touch had been one of the most definite our guests had ever experienced.  Stuart described how in a vigil on the top floor that many ghost hunters claimed to have seen the silhouette of a figure stood only 3 meters away from them, and one ghost hunter screamed when she claimed to have seen a face right in front of her, with tapping on request as well this area certainly freaked out the ghost hunters present. Lesley and Jez mentioned that in a vigil in the school room a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tapping on the table, and strangely in the caretakers room two guests heard an incarnate voice say get out with no one else in the room with them. Lesley also spoke of how in the upstairs of the school room the group made spirit contact with a gentleman spirit.   Lesley and Jez described how they witnessed some K2 spikes on request to the spirit world in one of the side rooms and that a number of guests spoke of how they had seen a figure walking very briefly in front of them. Lesley also mentioned that during a Franks box session a group of ghost hunters clearly heard their names called out in turn   Rosey mentioned that she decided to try out the latest equipment (a talking bear designed by paranormal experts) and were astonished at the results. Lots of our guests were amazed at the bear as it called out to spirit children to come play, then right on cue appeared to be reporting back to the group a child was holing his hand (upon request), Hugging him (on request), Tickling his nose (on request!   Mark and Phil mentioned a vigil in the cells where a number of guests claimed to have been touched and also that they experience an Ouija board session where the group made spirit contact with a former police officer, who informed the guests that he had lived in Sheffield and that he had been married to the groups excitement.   Throughout the whole night in the creepy and foreboding building plenty of fascinating and interesting phenomena was experienced by the various groups who seemed to relish the spooky and sinister atmosphere of The Sheffield Fire & Police Museum.