Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts At Wasdale Hall, 11th & 12th March 2016

This was our second return to Wasdale Hall on a ghost hunting event on Lake Wastwater for a full weekend of Ghost Hunting and it was one of excitement and anticipation with a full house of ghost hunters all eager to begin their ghost hunting experience, this Tudor built Mansion sits right on the edge of a lake and is surrounded by nothing but mountains making it feel as dark and creepy to begin with.
After the preliminary talk and the run through of the ghost hunting equipment by Simply Ghost Nights investigator Jez it was time for the event to begin
We decided to try a group vigil in the main living room and guests were reporting the feeling as if someone had stepped into their aura? Quite a few people reported that they were sure they were being touched. and the K2 meter was going off the scale on command.
We then split into groups and went in opposite directions of the building..
Stuart and Jez described a table tipping session in the cellar with Mathew's group where the group heard tapping to start with and eventually the group attempted table tipping with some positives movements and creaking first until the table began to move onto two legs in all directions.
In a vigil in the cellars Rosey and Lesley we were all seeing what looks liked limbs sitting in an empty chair as though they were swinging their legs, this was witnessed by the whole group. It actually freaked out two guests who were sat next to chair and had been seeing it so often they actually thought someone was sitting in the chair, It was only when one of us turned a torch on to show them no one was even near the chair they both screamed as they realised they had probably seen something paranormal.
We also had K2 spikes, Mel Meter spikes, we rolled a cat bell into the other part of the cellars and were all convinced we heard it move although upon inspecting it, It seemed it hadn't. Other activity included white light anomalies, knocking heard on other side of wall, moans heard, Certain guests felt icy cold behind them and in particular one certain guest who moved around the table with the guest. And whistles were clearly heard.
Then we moved into the living rooms and straight away were joined by the spirit of a little boy. He was more than happy to communicate, telling us he lived there and was very happy. The table was moving around the dining room quite nicely when a group who were sat in the adjoining room announced they could see a short figure (child height) between the two rooms. Could this be the shadow of the boy who was communicating with us? We also had reports from guests of seeing strange bright lights from outside which we had no explanation for.
On to the top floor and once again were treated to some incredible activity, we whistled for them to copy and all heard the whistles repeated back , The door handle rattled but when we quickly went to investigate there was no one even on the landing., The table was moving and tapping on request, and cold breezes were felt,. Noises and voices heard in various parts of the room including once again the cat bell which we left in a clear space by the door and all heard it clearly move? This time upon inspection it had actually moved.
A group of first time ghost hunters were shocked when using the Franks box in the Library when all the participants heard their own names repeated back to them and also Stuart and Jez had their names repeated back also. 
We each learned something new and experienced something different during a night which revealed more of this charming buildings history and the lives of those now in spirit associated with it.
As the witching hour came quickly around, our guests were showing signs of being tired so we all said our goodnight and went off to our rooms to sleep. We were hoping for the ghosts to interact after we had all gone to our rooms but I think the ghosts of Wasdale Hall had thought we had already had too much excitement for one night.
We look forward to our return to this location in March 2017.