Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts Blog From Dewsbury Town Hall, 25th September 2015

Dewsbury Town Hall is an imposing grade 2 listed building is full of original stained glass windows, wood panelling, beautiful columns and ornate ceilings. The Town Hall contains an intimate 700 seat concert hall, spectacular function and meeting rooms, plus it also contains the Old Court Room. We decided to do a large group vigil in the theatre room where we tried once again the Singapore theory with one of our team playing the violin on the stage. It wasn't a huge success but people did report shadows being seen by many ghost hunters we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate Dewsbury Town Hall. In one of the board rooms - shadow were reported moving at bottom of room. also a few taps on table. We then went into the ladies toilets where many staff refuse to go in alone at night, we experienced a few cold draughts and few taps on table. The theatre never let us down once more with lots of noises on stage and strange noises heard from dressing room area but no one was anywhere near that area. Footsteps on stage and when we left several of the chairs we down that we hadn't noticed previously. Rosey and Lesley decided to go down under the stage to investigate the dressing rooms, with a number of guests attempted to contact spirit when they heard loud tapping on the table in response to the questions the group asked. In the cells we can only describe it as - fabulous k2 activity. A growl was heard loud and clear near one of the cells when we first walked in. cold draughts were also felt. People being touched. Both Rosey and Lesley were touched on the leg. Table tapping, scratching under table on request. Table rocking. We all felt as a group we had an unsavoury character with us who was claiming to be a a rapist and proud of it via a glass experiment . Responded really well to the women of the group. With such a variety of paranormal activity reported by all team leaders Dewsbury Town hall certainly provided plenty of food for thought for our ghost hunters