Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Bolling Hall, 29th October 2016

Bolling hall in Bradford, West Yorkshire has records dating back to the Domesday Book of 1086. By 1316 the hall was taken over by William Bolling and it became a family home for the next 5 centuries. The Bolling family held the estate up until sometime in the last 15th century, when the Tempests took over.
During the English Civil War the hall served as a stronghold for Royalists. When in 1643 the Royalists took the town of Bradford, which at that time had strong Parliamentarian connections. It was in this year that the Earl of Newcastle, Royalist Commander was staying at the hall and was said to have been visited by the spirit of a woman, which had awakened him by pulling at the bedclothes. This is reputed to be England’s very first documented paranormal encounter, the spirit of the woman told the Earl “Pity poor Bradford.”
Resulting form this experience the Earl changed his orders to his troops of “kill all in Bradford” to only kill those who offered armed resistance. Consequently only 10 people recorded as being killed in the siege.
The Tempest family resided here for over 50 years until it exchanged hands once again in 1649. Going forwards it changed hands several more times and was even let as apartments for a short period. Eventually it was presented to Bradford council in 1912. A few years later it opened to the public as a period house and museum and ahs served as such ever since.
There are numerous reports of paranormal activity from both staff and guests that visit the hall. There are no fewer than 20 recorded sightings of full bodied apparitions within the building including the apparition of a gentleman in a long black coat in the area of the Blue Room, which is often accompanied by feelings of being watched. Whilst there are others of a white lady seen floating as if in mid air around the gallery area of the great hall.
The event commenced with a group vigil where our brave ghost hunters were keen to get started straight after our circle of protection exercise,so decided to form into smaller groups and investigate the spectral world of Bolling Hall and attempt to communicate with the former inhabitants of this splendid building.

In a vigil in the dining room one group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a male spirit called Peter via the Ouija board, He interacted with the group and answered many of the groups questions with yes and no. He had been an employee at the hall early in the 1900s and was just there is visitation.

In the kitchen Guests reported shadows, icy cold blasts of air being blown around their faces and hands, K2 spikes, and one guest even reported being touched by unseen hands.
In the top floor bedrooms which are famously haunted by the spirit of a gentleman we had to force our table to keep still (table tilting is not allowed in these bedrooms due to floors being destroyed) but time after time we find even though we are attempting nothing more than a quiet vigil, maybe even a bit of glass work the spirits have other ideas and try constantly moving the table. The very same thing happens in the red bedroom.
And one brave ghost hunter reported he heard the words get out when in the green room while wearing the sound enhances.
What can only be described as a brilliant seance in the cellars where some of the group stated that they had seen strange orange lights in the cellars then disappear without trace

With so much activity recorded yet again at Bolling Hall it really is a pleasure to communicate with the spirits who lived and worked there many years ago.