Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Croxteth Hall, 15th October 2016

Croxteth Hall was the stately home of the Molyneux family, the Earls of Sefton. The oldest part of the hall was built in 1575, additional wings were added and it was transformed over the centuries from an Elizabethan hunting lodge to the building you see today.
In 1952 a fire started in the west wing and gutted many of the important interiors at Croxteth Hall. When the 7th and last Earl of Sefton died in 1972 the estate was broken up although the Hall and part of the Estate grounds were gifted to the city.
After our health and safety and welcome talks we could see we had a house full of very excited guests waiting to get started so immediately split up into four groups and spread out around this vast location.
Heading off into the attic were one of our groups and both guests and team reported the feeling of what can only be described as drunk and on a ship at the same time. It was a very queasy feeling. They also reported making contact with a child via the glass experiment who could obviously not spell. We had no idea why but the glass kept going to the letter W over and over again.
When a second group with Sue and Cassie investigated the same area they also reported the exact same thing, a child who kept going to the letter W but they could not get any other information from him either.
In another vigil with Rosey and Lesley and a all girl group in the wine cellar we were joined by a spirit who claimed to be a male servant. He happily displayed his ability to move the table upon request, he dimmed the lights upon request, but then he blew our mind when we all removed our hands from the table and he still was able to move it. The group all reported it was some of the most incredible activity they had witnessed to date.