Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts  @ Doncaster Air Museum 13th November 2021

Doncaster Air Museum is an amazing location, full of historic planes and memorabilia from war. The evening saw a lot of activity from the moment we started investigating. In the back room in Hanger 21 there were 3 loud bangs heard on two occasions that sounded like stomping on the floor. Both times were when everyone were laughing and talking amongst themselves. The table was moving in this area so much so that it went up on 2 legs.

There was also tapping on the table in sequence, finishing half way through taps in sync with us as we tapped along. A loud murmur was also heard in the room. We explored the Spirit Box in this are too, the names James and Luke were mentioned and it also said that Eddie and Luke smelled, which made everyone laugh. The Temperature fluctuation went off on the Mel meter on request too.

Hanger 19 had some amazing table work, a bright light was seen over near the toilets as if a camera had flashed to take a photo. There was also a spirit called Dick who came through on the Spirit Box. He loved the banter of using the word Dick to get the table moving. A lady also heard the name Ed whispered in her ear, the guy next to her was called Eddie. One guy reported that he felt as though he had his hair pulled. Guests Dave and Kevin both said they had seen a shadowy figure sat in the cockpit of an aircraft in Hanger 19.

In Main Hanger, in the engine room, they were calling out when Jane, Julie and a guest heard a loud knocking and a shadowy figure was witnessed near the door. There was no real explaination for this as there was no way to reach the door as there were lots of tables etc in the way. Stuart and Jez saw a shadow in the main hanger Stu thought a guest called Dave had stood up and walked away from the table and he and Jez saw it walk between two machines before it vanished.

Whistle were heard in the back of the welcome room where no one was stood. Mel meter reacted in most of the vigils. Guests felt like they had their hair touched on a number of occasions.