Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts Doncaster Air Museum, Yorkshire, With Simply Ghost Nights, 3rd October 2014

We were once again greeted by the museums curator and ever so helpful Alan, who once again helped ensure that the event ran effortlessly and professionally. After a brief chat about the ghost hunting equipment that we would be using Alan then treated our guests to a tour of the museum and answered any questions that our guests asked him.   The investigation commenced with a group vigil in Hangar 21 with everyone stood in the circle holding hands many of our ghost hunter said that they felt as though they were been touched, Norman spoke up to say that he had heard footsteps just outside the room, Dawn also said that she had seen a dark shadow move from where Norman had heard the deathly footsteps. Nicola also mentioned that she could feel breezes around her and some of the guests could still hear footsteps from further down the corridor. With all this excitement it was time to spilt into smaller groups and investigate Doncaster Air Museum.   In hangar 19 with Stuart and Jez a group of ghost hunters were calling out for spirit interaction when Chris and Hazel both said that they had seen a shadowy figure from the far end of the room and almost  instantly they both claimed that they had seen a light in the same area. We then all looked in the area that Chris and Hazel pointed too and some of the group did see the area brighten up then darken with no incoming light to have caused the strange light phenomena could this have been a spirit making its presence known to our ghost hunters. The group then attempted a table tipping experiment and were shocked when the table rocked from side to side and went to each ghost hunter in turn.   In hangar 21 with Rosey and Lesley a group of ghost hunters made spirit contact with a girl through the Ouija board who kept the group entertained by answering the groups questions regarding her life in and around the museum. Lesley added that the spirit child enjoyed the vigil especially when asked to make a noise in the corridor, which moments later two guests saw a silhouette of a child moving in the corridor.   Rosey and Lesley also spoke of an exciting vigil using the Franks box as well, where the group heard the name of a number of ghost hunters repeated back to them over the airwaves.   Jez and Stuart also mentioned about a vigil in hangar 21 where a group of ghost hunters heard their names repeated back via the Franks box, however two guests while participating in a vigil together in one of the side rooms of hangar 21 both ran out terrified that they had heard very heavy breathing and a gargling sound from within the room. After Lynne and Jen had calmed down and we inspected the room we found no noises of any kind in the room.   Once more the sands of time had beaten us and as we said our goodbyes to our guests and the spirits of Doncaster Air Museum, no one had left disappointed with the spirit interaction.