Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts From Bolling Hall, 10th October 2015

Ghost Hunting Blog From Bolling Hall, 10th October 2015

We must start the blog with a thank you to Paul and his team for their help and assistance in ensuring the event ran smoothly and professionally. With a house packed to the rafters of excited to ghost hunters and a couple of skeptics as well would Bolling Hall provide any proof of spirit activity and an afterlife to any of our ghost hunters, the answer would be yes with mostly everyone experiencing something on a personal basis, however would the skeptics have their own minds changed regarding the existence of another realm after visiting the ghosts of Bolling hall With Simply Ghost Nights. In the large group vigil we held in the large downstairs room, we had to have two large circles for this opening séance due to the full house of eager ghost hunters.

As we called out to the spirit world Stuart, Simply Ghost Nights medium said that there were two children moving around the group, and another lady felt there was the presence of a lady named Mary. Guests also reported cold breezes. We decided it was time to split into five groups and investigate in a more intimate way.

In a vigil with Lesley, Jez and Rosey in the Dining room our group of investigators were shocked and delighted when straight away the spirits were in the mood for communicating. Taps were repeated upon request, a couple of ladies reported being touched and the table was moving so vigorously we decided to move it onto a carpet to slow it down somewhat. 

One guest asked if he could sit out of the vigil as the emotions just got the better of him. The REM pods went off, Good K2 work and overall a really good vigil. In the Red Room a group of guests decided to sit on the floor with their feet under the bed and concentrate on the bed.

We placed a K2 meter and a REM pod on the bed and both were going crazy. We wondered if the battery was going in the REM pod so decided to turn it off. Then people reported seeing what looked as if the mattress had suddenly indented as though someone had sat on the bed and the K2 meter appeared to move towards and slope inwards too.    Also in the Red Room Mark and Phil also spoke of how excellent the tapping on the table in the red room which amazed the ghost hunters present around the table. In the Ghost room two brave ghost hunters decided to do a dual vigil and claimed it was very intense with light anomalies on request. They were so enthralled by the activity they were having they didn't realise they had spent a whole hour in the room.