Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Gressenhall Workhouse Museum, 24th February 2018

In the county of Norfolk lies a village called Gressenhall that holds one of the biggest former Workhouses we have investigated and one of the most active too. And on this occasion the spirits of The Gressenhall Workhouse did not disappoint us or our ghost hunters.

One of the most remarkable occurrences was in the cottage when a group were conducting a seance when in an empty room adjoining them they all clearly heard a woman’s voice and a shuffle, however they tried to debunk this noise they couldn’t it wasn’t from any other vigil group it 100% cam from that room.

The Ovilus threw out some extraordinary words such as paranormal, ghosts and scared when guests were using it in some of the areas. Unnerving footsteps were also heard with team and guests expecting someone to appear walking towards them and no one did.

Most teams experienced Ouija board communication and table tapping and table tipping too, the spirit box was another successful tool for contacting the spirit world with names mentioned and other validating words to confirm the presence of spirits.

Once again the spirits of Gressenhall had not disappointed the SGN team or our amazing guests either.