Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts Nottingham Galleries of Justice, 16th January 2016

Simply Ghost Nights were delighted to be returning to one of the U.K's favourite ghost hunting locations, The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham with it's foreboding exterior and it's impressive Court Room and below all of these underground the network of male and female cells, the oubliette, the condemned man cells and the dreaded cave.
With a full house of ghost hunters all excited and eager to investigate The Galleries of Justice in Nottingham with the Simply Ghost Nights team.
Lesley and Rosey described a vigil in the caves where a group of ghost hunters asked out for bangings and taps and the spirits responded with loud bangs which were  heard from different areas of the cave.  Also several people thought they heard chains jangling a couple of times. Lesley mentioned that three loud taps were heard when we asked for something special only can be described as someone tapping a ring on the table but everyone on the table said it wasn't them. 
Mark and Cassie spoke of a table tipping experiment in the female cells area, the guests in this vigil were so exhilarated as the table moved between the six of them that they all looked for wires and wheels on the table to satisfy there curiosity as to why the table was moving how it did.
In the male cell area Jez and Stuart were holding a calling out session when all the group distinctly heard heavy footsteps from outside in the corridor and when everyone went to investigate the noisy footsteps no was found to be in the corridor. This occurrence was noted by Lesley when in the condemned man cells as well. 
Sarah noted that in the court room a number of guests felt temperature changes and when the temperature gun was used to see what the changes in temperature were, Sarah said the changes were in the 6-8 degrees range with no noticeable breeze to cause the changes. 
Lesley worked with a small group around the table and as the group started communicating with a small girl via the Ouija board the group heard several noises adjacent to the cell dungeon. The small group were informed by the spirit girl that both parents and a sibling had been hung for a crime but wouldn't say what. She told the participants on the table that she was quite happy to talk to them but the jailor was holding her back from talking and she said she would happily go to the next vigil with that group
The courtroom seemed to be a hive of paranormal activity with most groups stating that they had all had some table and glass work as well as a number of guests from various vigils reported seeing dark shadows walking on the balcony area.

When using the Franks box Rosey and Lesley reported that Hannah was called easy and loud and Lesley was called a slag, Martin called a twat and Charlotte was called a boss and Kevin called a knob and when asked to repeat it , straight away it said knob head. This spirit seemed to enjoy the attention and was not a pleasant character who we assumed was a prisoner.