Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ RAF Binbrook 4th December 2021

RAF Binbrook is one of our most favourite locations that has seen a lot of history and has had a lot of paranormal activity over the years which we have been lucky enough to witness first hand. However as we explain on all our events, the paranormal world is unpredictable.

Even the most active of locations will have its quiet nights and that is the luck of the draw when it comes to investigations. This night proved to be one of our most quiet nights, however there were taps on the door and from around the theatre recorded. Whistling sounds were heard in some of the areas.

Unexplained shadows were witnesses in the Theatre and strange lights observed, there also was an orb caught on camera from one of the guests. In an area we hadn’t before explored, there was a feeling of being watched and when a few members of the team went to explore it there was a shuffling sound as if someone or something had ran up on them.

There were a reports of what felt like something had brushed past peoples legs, this was said to be around the calf region and was suggested it felt like “dog height.” A group took part in a Human Pendulum in one of the upstairs rooms which indicated that a man called Charles Harrison was haunting Binbrook and had died in 1943. This was an amazing experience for the person who was chosen to be the pendulum and proved to be quite emotional for all involved. All in all it was a quieter night then usual but still had some valuable experiences.