Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Ripon Workhouse Museum, 22nd October 2016

Once again guests and team members, both experienced and new to ghost hunting, were not disappointed by the plethora of phenomena being reported in each vigil throughout the event .
All of the guests participated with so much energy and positivity that communication with the spirits produced a vast range of activity and emotions.

The guests were flabbergasted to see almost immediately K2 meters responded by changing colour from green right through to red in response to individual/group questions. All 3 meters spiked in three different areas of the room.
The group proceeded to glass divination upon which 2 spirit girls namely Emily and Isabelle made their presence clear. 
Table tipping, tapping and breathing noises were also heard but what happened next was the most incredible piece of evidence we have even captured, a lady wearing ear enhancers (this make everything sound 50 times louder) reported she heard the words "Go Away" we just thought it may have been a fluke but upon listening to the footage we actually captured the voice on an EVP which can be found on our you tube page.

In another vigil in the Morgue area a group decided to investigate the adjoining yard which houses broken stones etc to show what daytime life/chores was like in the workhouse. There is a coffin in the yard and the group decided to try placing their hands on the coffin to see if it would generate enough energy to get activity and they whole group were aghast when they heard clear tapping and scratching coming from inside the empty coffin.
They tried to debunk by checking there was no way in for mice etc, the lid was nailed on tight and the coffin was hollow. we still to this day cannot quite believe those noises that came from inside that coffin. 

In another vigil in the vagrants cells, two of our guests Rachel and Claire were braving a intimate vigil and reported how they were actually taken aback when they were getting knocks through the concrete walls in response to their questions, they could not quite believe the knocks so decided to go and check there was no one in the adjoining cells but were shocked to find they were completely alone in the whole cell area.
Another amazing night on the whole at the incredible Ripon Workhouse.