Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ St. Catherine's Former Hospital, 10th March 2018

With a full house of ghost hunters at St. Catherine’s former hospital we could not ask for no more than an active night and that was indeed what we got a very active night.

In the cellars guests described been touched on the legs and on the lower back as if by children, this example of spirit allegedly making contact was also reported in the cellars but with a different group.

On the spirit box in the red room Tommy, Janice and Mel all had their names repeated back and the group thought they heard Janice been described as a bitch on the spirit box.

Most groups reported both table tapping and glass divination in a lot of the vigils with the table moving onto two legs in the welcome room. Some guests also mentioned that they had encourage able results whilst using the crystal pendulums.

Once more our event at St. Catherine’s former hospital had come to an end and on the whole it had been an enjoyable night as well.