Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ St. Catherine's Former Mental Hospital, 27th January 2018

This was Simply Ghost Nights first event of 2018 and what a night it was, with a full house O’Grady ghost hunters all eager and excited to make spirit contact at this former house and hospital in Doncaster.

The night began with a short welcome meeting and demonstration of the equipment before we all commenced our voyage into the ghostly depths of St. Catherine’s Hall Former Hospital.

Melanie one of our guests reported in the Red room that she had felt what was like having her hair tugged with no one able to this without been seen could this have been one of the former patients of the old hospital.

Jackie another guest spoke of hearing a child’s voice through the sound enhances while in the kitchen. David a guest who was in the cellars described seeing the figure of a male of about 6ft 2 while using the night vision goggles.

All groups had some positive responses while using the ouija board and table tapping too, especially in the welcome room where the spirits energy seemed to be stronger and they obliged in communicating with our guests.

The Spirit box produced many instances of our ghost hunters names been repeated back and one female guest was described as a ‘bitch’ to everyone’s surprise.

All in all it was a brilliant night of activity and yet again we cannot wait for our return.