Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Tapton Hall, 29th January 2022

This visit to Tapton Hall wasn’t as eventful as other visits, however we did get some activity. It’s nights like this, as we explain to our guests, that prove that even though we know these locations are haunted, that activity isn’t always prevalent and it is up to the spirits if they would like to
communicate or not.
In the ballroom there were shadows seen around the room, there appeared to be someone stood on the stage, however when the torch was turned on, there wasn’t anything there and there wasn’t a valid explanation for what the shadow was. One guest was overcome with the feeling of being extremely cold so a member of the team took her temperature using our temperature gun, with the result being that she was in fact 10 degrees colder then everyone else.
Also in this area a group used an app called the Necrophonic, this works in the same fashion as a Spirit Box and was saying many swear words to the guests. As this was at the end of the evening and the guests were becoming tired, it proved to be the wake up call we all needed and was considered, by the guests, as very funny.
In the Welcome Room, there was some K2 activity with the lights flashing on and off from Green to Orange and there was some words coming through on the Ovilus. In the Temple area there were reports of flashing lights from around the room, there were also shadows witnessed and tapping sounds from all around in the seating areas.
In the bottom floor Temple, the ball was flashing as if someone was playing with it. There was also reports that during a vigil the door handle rattled, when it was investigated, there was no one there and no reason why this should have occurred. Another group went into the board room, in this room the ball flashed on and off on demand. The guests heard what sounded like tapping on the large table in the middle of the room and it seemed to be tapping out on request the same taps as we had. There were whistles heard in response to our own in the same tone and pitch. There was also a dark figure seen in the corner of the room.
In the Bedroom Area, there were shadows seen in the room by the side of the bar, there were also tapping sounds coming from the window. The ball flashed in the corner of the room near the mirror and some guests expressed that they felt like they could see the image of a woman in the mirror.
We had a go with the Necrophonic app and there was a lot of words coming through that seemed to coincide with our questions, there were many guests names repeated when asked to repeat them and the spirit seemed more drawn to the males within the group. There were also a few swear words coming through on it which made all the guests laugh. A guest also reported that she felt as though there was a presence watching us from the other side of the bar. Moments later a loud bang was heard from there as if reaffirming what she had already noticed.