Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Bradford Police Museum, 6th May 2017

Simply Ghost Nights were thrilled to be approached by one of Bradford`s magnificent buildings due to the sheer amount of activity being reported on a regular scale. The building also houses the working police station of today as well as the old police station, cells and courthouse which is where the activity is reported.
Most of the sightings were being experienced by the staff who are all ex police officers, many who never did speak of what had happened in fear of being disbelieved.
This was our second investigation into the Bradford Police Museum which forms part of the city hall in the centre of Bradford.
With a houseful of guests all waiting very excited we decided to waste as little time as possible and get straight down to the investigation.
In the courthouse our guests reported, lots of different activity during the night, people reported seeing shadows up in the gallery, when going up to investigate, the area had definite cold spots, We had a huge bang heard from the judges chair which appeared to be on request, table tapping, tipping and many spirits coming through via glass divination experiments.
In the cells we were treated to some showing off by the inmate spirits who were happy to lift the table on request, we also had people reporting they had been touched in the cells, and k2 spikes on request too.
In the policemen's area we also had communication from the spirit world, claiming to be long gone policemen.
Our guests all agreed it was a fantastic night and were all worn out by the end.
We would like to thank Bradford Police for allowing us to investigate such a privileged location.