Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Former Hull Funeral Parlour, 7th October 2016

The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull is one of those locations that never disappoints and on this occasion it produced some of the most mind blowing, unforgettable and compelling evidence of the existence of ghosts and an unseen world that we have ever witnessed to date.

As we commenced our ghost hunt with some welcome and recognised faces we can only presume that our excitement and eagerness to make contact with any unseen presences was equally matched by what we could only deduce was their enthusiasm to communicate with us.
In a vigil in the chapel of rest a group of ladies were communicating with spirit when they all as a group heard very distinctive tapping on request, also copying a sequence from the corner of the room.
Even though it was a warm night the group then reported a sudden drop in temperature around the table with what can only be described as icy blasts being blown over their hands.
In another vigil near the Cold Room which was used for storing bodies one of the guests requested to go explore this room, The guest then went a step further and laid on the slab! Not for long though as they decided the feeling was all too intense, as though someone wanted them out of there.
In the stables there were reports of excellent K2 spikes in fact at one point in a vigil the spirits were manipulating 3 separate K2 meters at once all of which were meters apart. Shadows were also reported being seen by all four groups on this event. One lady became overcome with emotion as she reported the sudden feeling of being uneasy as if someone had come a little too close for her liking?
On the top floor Gallery one group were participating in a human Pendulum experiment when all hell let loose as they had heard what they described as a table or chair being scraped across the floor when no one was anywhere near it in the same room as them. So loud was the screaming team were running from all vigils to see what on earth had happened.

On the whole our investigation at The Old Funeral Parlour In Hull was utterly incredible and treated most of us to some of the most tremendous and outstanding corroboration for the belief in an afterlife. We can provide no other explanation for the events that we witnessed which gives support to the view that spiritual beings with an intelligence and capacity to communicate exist in a world beyond this one. We just cannot wait to return to see if the spirits of this spooky location will again be waiting to make contact with us. Will they have more to say or will they just keep us in the dark next time? Why not come along to find out?