Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts The Funeral Parlour, Hull, With Simply Ghost Nights

Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts The Funeral Parlour, Hull, 5th March 2016

Simply Ghost Nights made the journey to Hull to the Annison's Funeral Parlour which we had investigated on numerous occasions, the Funeral Parlour was also the headquarters of the  Police Horse division in the early 20th Century. On our previous investigations at the Funeral Parlour our guests had experienced some fascinating paranormal occurrences would our guests tonight be fortunate to make spirit contact at The Annisons Funeral Parlour.  
Lesley and Rosey remarked how a group of ghost hunters made communication with a female spirit called Gabrielle on the Ouija board in area 1 and that she had a brother with name beginning with W. She was able to tap on the table and also able to move the table and when we asked her to open the door we heard a few noises from the corner of the room, then we heard something metallic. When we looked the door was slightly ajar when we had closed it at the beginning of the vigil. 
Sarah and Morgan commented also in area 1 they had guests witnessing shadows moving around and people experiencing icy blasts on their fingers with no noticeable breezes been present. Lesley and Rosey also said that noises could be heard at the bottom of the stairs when no one was down there. However the end of the vigil Lesley added that all the group witnessed the table rocking backwards and forwards on its own
Jez and Stuart described a vigil in the Welcome room with the spirit of a man called Gregory, the group communicated with Gregory who was a Police Officer who via the Ouija board had a disliking for Stuart, it was agreed Stuart should leave the room and when he did Gregory made his presence known. Jez spoke how the table moved between all the guests and the REM pod alarmed out and the MEL meter was alarming out blue and red to show that the temperature around the MEL was going both up and down at will. When Stuart popped his head around the door the table stopped moving and Stuart was asked to leave the room.
Are 2table walking backwards and across the room. It went up onto one leg and then spun round really quickly. Little bit of K2 activity . We made contact with Nurse Piper who was 48 when she died in 1937. She told us she wasn't married , had no children but had a sister who she didn't get in with and wouldn't talk about, but insisted was still alive. She said she passed from natural causes. In the adjacent room, we all heard a loud bang as if someone had stamped their foot really hard on the floor. The guest immediately came running out of the room saying she had felt the vibration on the floor from the thud directly behind her but no one was there

In the Stable Martin and Hannah noted that a group of ghost hunters experienced some really exciting table tipping with the table going to each participant in turn, and Stuart and Jez added that in the Stables the table actually moved with no one near it. All teams commented that in the Stable lots of taps on request were heard on the table and some groups had brilliant K2 meter activity on top of the cabinet where things move. Lesley and Rosey also said that their group saw lots of shadows seen moving around and lots of taps heard all around the vigil area on request and some of the taps were quite loud taps felt under people's hands. 

Morgan and Sarah spoke about the Welcome room where their group heard taps on table on request and shuffling was also heard as well, Rosey and Lesley mentioned a 4 degree temp drop experienced and the whole vigil all heard a noise that sounded like someone sitting down on the leather settee behind them. The Franks box and Ovilus were productive too in making spirit contact with many of guests names repeated back through both the Ovilus and Franks box.