Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Hell Fire Caves

This was Simply Ghost Nights first ghost hunt at the Infamous Hell Fire Caves, and with so much dark history to this venue both the team and our brave guests didn't know whether to be excited or nervous about the night ahead.
Built below the grounds of a church and graveyard, it is known locally as heaven and hell, Heaven being the church above and Hell being the Hell Fire Caves because of its intrepid past.
We began the event with a group vigil in what can only be described as a huge dome shaped area within the caves, and although not a lot happened everyone was feeling on edge and were dreading the moment we were to separate into our three groups.
Once we did split up things did start off quite slow to begin with, although people were feeling unnerved in certain areas, however it wasn't long before things started to take a sinister turn with large bangs being heard, whistles, one group even thought they heard what was described as a scream.
K2 work on request was also reported by one group, and one group had some very interesting results from a human pendulum exercise.
All in all not one of the most active nights we have had but the team and all our guests were thrilled to be given the opportunity to investigate such a location into the early hours.
Thank you to all guests who came along and thank you as always to the wonderful SGN team who kept everyone safe on this event.