Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Mill Street Barracks, 10th February 2018

Although there was a chill in the air it didn’t put off either our guests and the spirits from pushing out their energies and ensuring that the activity was excellent once more at these former Barracks.

After the welcome meeting it was time to make a start and attempt spirit communication with the former residents of The Mill Street Barracks.

Janice, Mary and Sue who were guests with Simply Ghost Nights swore down that while doing a lone vigil in one of the upstairs rooms that they had seen the figure of a tall man literally ghost by the door way and on further investigating could find no one in that area.

Lauren a guest described how she honestly thought someone or something had pulled her hair while doing a seance and the fact everyone’s hands were indeed on the table as well.

We also had spikes on the K2 and the paranormal balls were also been manipulated by the spirits of Mill Street Barracks as well. The MEL meters had good responses too when we asked the spirits to affect them.

While using the spirit box a group spoke to a spirit called Henry who said the names Barry, Luke and Vinny who were actually sat around the table at that point.

With excellent table tapping and table rapping as well as glass work it was an extremely active night for all concerned.