Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Ripon Workhouse 27th November 2021

We returned to Ripon workhouse for our final ghost hunt of the year and as always, it did not fail to disappoint us. From the get go there was ghostly activity on this ghost hunt at Ripon. There were taps and bangs heard all over the two building whilst the areas were being investigated.

There was some great activity on the Ouija Boards that seemed to bring through past inmates and staff from the Workhouse. Strange voices were captured on one of our guests EVPs, there was communication with a spirit who identified themselves as “Arthur”, however later on it was suggested that this name may have been “Martha” instead. There was some choice words that came through on the Spirit Box which made guests laugh.

In the Boardroom, shadows were seen and the shadowy figure of person seen sitting in the chair, K2 going off at the same time. Everyone in the room suddenly experienced coldness. A Rem pod was positioned on the Governors chair in the Board Room which proceeded to alarm on command.

There was also a lot of activity on the K2 Meters throughout the building that continuously flickered different coloured lights, indicating that there was spirit interacting with them. In the Nurses Station, cold hands were reported, on further investigation, there seemed to be a temperature fluctuation were one side of the individual was cold and the other side was hot. On Spirit box the name “David” came through said some swear words, boy, 6 and hung.

A light seen which seemed to travel across the restraint chair down by the cells. In the Kitchen Area, the Ouija Table was moving. In the Living Room Area a guest sat on a chair, in an area where shadows have been seen at top of the stairs, this guest saw such a shadow and reported its appearance in the reflection in the picture on the wall. There was also some table work in this area where to table moved all over without anyone pushing it.