Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Ripon Workhouse 8th January 2022

We started the year 2022 with our favourite location Ripon Workhouse. This year we are offering a Paranormal Investigation in both the Main Block and Vagrants Block in one amazing night.
In the Nurses Station, balls were flashing in the doorway outside whenever we asked if there was anyone around us. Our car Rem Pod flashed on and off a few times as if it was trying to alarm out but wasn’t quite doing it fully. There was reports of shadows being seen in the hallway near the cellar. In the restraint chair in the cell block, the K2 went up from Green to Orange. Cold drafts were felt around the team and guests and a table moved without anyone pushing or touching it. Taps were heard from all around this area as if there was a presence walking around us all observing our activities. One of our guests brought with them their own Spirit Box, the volume on this kept lowering with no one touching it at all. Also a guest heard someone say “hey” on their voice recorder.
In the Governors Room there were reports of the balls flashing on the corner of the room, the K2 flickered on green as if a spirit was trying to build up the energy to change the lights. When asking spirit to copy our taps, there were taps coming back in response. There was the shadow of a person seen moving across the room and looking like it was bending down to pick up something. A member of the team whistled and there was a whistle in response in the same pitch and tone.
One guest felt as if someone (spirit) was crouched in the corner and she felt as if they were scared, she believed this spirit to be a male and was ‘down and out,’ she then decided to talk to the spirit and tell him that her job in this life is to help people like him. The ball then began to flash in what appeared to be acknowledgement of her. Another guest felt the presence of the Governor in the other corner and she explained that she felt like he was laughing about it all.
In the Living Room Area there were taps coming from all around the room. There was a guest who felt a temperature difference between herself and another guest. On closer inspection and using our temperature gauge, it was recorded that there was a 5 degree difference between the left side and the right side. Guests reported seeing small white lights flashing around the room and during some table work, the table moved about an inch on a number of occasions, some guests also felt them being touched by unseen hands.
A K2 Meter was placed on the piano and the lights went up to Orange and during an Ouija Board session there appeared to be a spirit called Robert with us, he told us he was 77. As this was happening the guests heard whispering coming from around them. The guests asked Robert what year it was and he responded 1874, he also expressed that he lived here with his family in the Workhouse. During a Spirit Box session the words “got cat” came through, coincidently a few moments before this, a guest had commented that it felt like a cat was rubbing against her legs under the table. There was also shadows seen and thuds heard from all around the room and the adjacent rooms.
In the kitchen area the K2 was going from Green to Orange, a cat ball kept flashing on demand to our questions and sparkling orbs were seen above the table. On the table, there were taps heard and faint whistles heard from off in the distance.