Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The Ripon Workhouse Museum 30th October 2021

Ripon Workhouse is one of our regular ghost hunting locations, that we have investigated for years and is one of our most active places that we investigate with some amazing spirit interaction on a ghost hunt at The Ripon Workhouse Museum.

In the Vagrants Block, where the nurses station is situated, there were reports of balls flashing on demand and footsteps heard approaching guests. Mysterious light anomalies were witnessed and shadows seen on the surrounding walls. One team used an Ovilus which seemed to answer some of our questions when trying to find out who we were talking to, some of these words were “grandpa” and “Harriet.” There were also reports of the sound of a child crying. We had some readings from the K2 meter which lit up to red when we asked spirit to touch it.

The Morgue and Cell Area had some K2 activity which saw the lights go up to Amber, as we had asked spirit to use the device to confirm they were present. There was also some words coming through on the spirit box that suggested that the spirit were someone who was an inmate at the workhouse called Albert Taylor, He also stated that he had died in 1915 aged 62 years there was also another spirit present who identified himself as Albert Hill who had also died in 1915 and had passed away aged 39. These are yet to be confirmed by the workhouse.

In the boardroom there were shadows seen and reports of a daunting feeling felt. Orbs were seen floating around the room and taps were heard in response to guests asking spirit to conform their presence.

Also in the Back Corridor, there were reports from a guest of an ominous feeling of being watched that made her feel uneasy. There was some activity on the K2 meter, from a spirit, that only seemed to respond to one of the guests in particular. There were shadows seen at the top of the stairs as if someone was walking around up there. As there are no windows in that area, there was no explanation of where these shadows could have come from. There were balls flashing in the area also on demand and the table creaked when doing table tapping as if it were trying to move,

The Pantry area saw some activity with lots of knocks and bangs heard in response to guests calling out. The cat balls and K2 meters also flashed. On the spirit box, all the guests names were repeated when asked to, there were also some choice words to describe the guests come through that made the guests laugh. There were also shadows seen moving about on the wall. Guests reported being touched on their heads and someone’s tummy being tickled.

In the School Room, it seemed to be very quiet, there were a few taps but nothing significant, however there were some sounds in the hallway that drew us out into the adjoining rooms. This then turned into an amazing vigil as there were a lot of interaction with spirit through tapping. The spirit did respond to Yes and No answers through taps with the spirit suggesting that they were a former nurse at Ripon workhouse who comes to visit the building,