Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ The York Dungeons, 13th May 2017

Once the city's law courts ,as well as York Institute which was an educational establishment focusing on art, literature and science. There was also once a fire station housed in the building as well, and it then became the city's new library in August 1892 until the library moved to new premises.
It is said that a man dressed in blue overalls still walks the corridors of the Dungeons wearing a flat cap and many believe this is a former caretaker who loved his job so much that he still stays to this day. Rumours abound about a little spirit girl called Emily still haunts the Dungeons. A contractor many years ago fled the building after having his ladders pulled from under him by ghostly hands claiming he would never return.
With such a history its no surprise our guests were all a little nervous at the start of the event. We had no idea what kind of night we were going to get but were were all feeling the energy was great right from the start.
After our initial group vigil which last five minutes we split into three groups and went on our way. Hoping not to get lost as this building is not only pitch black, but is a warren of corridor's, and staircases. each room you enter is designed to scare you anyway for the daytime tours so in the dead of night this plays havoc with your mind.
Most groups had lots of activity and seemed to find a way that worked for them to communicate best. One group in particular seemed to be followed around by a child spirit because they sang to her, obviously the group were thrilled she stayed with them throughout the night and she did manage to communicate in many ways including interacting with our bear.
Another group in the welcome room noticed a light had come on in an adjoining room as they could see it under the door, upon immediate inspection it was noted no one was in the area, and the light was not on a sensor either. They also had glass divination work with a spirit claiming to be the old caretaker, who was more than happy to entertain them.
In the mirrored area one group had the sensors being set off even though no one had moved at all, they also reported hearing footsteps approaching them down the corridor more than once but when checking there was no one there, this happened a few times during their vigil. There is also a toilet close by this area which was heard being flushed a couple of times although they could see the toilet they could see no one was in the toilet room.
Overall was a fantastic night with a fun element thrown in too. The team and guests were all ready to go home after such a fantastic nights events.