Ghost Hunting & Ghost Hunts @ Wasdale Hall, 2nd March 2018

This was a two night sleepover with two ghost hunts at Wasdale Hall and what two nights of ghost hunting we had.

One of the most memorable events was when in a vigil one of the guests whistled and said ‘copy me’, then seconds later where nobody was sat a whistle was heard clearly as anything ever heard. However the group tried to debunk it or find a reason for the whistle none could be found at all. This incident is still spoke about by the guests who heard it.

Fantastic table tipping was recorded in the living room area with Viv and Justin mentioning that they had seen a figure standing at the window that suddenly vanished.

The ouija board was a successful divination tool in many vigils as was the spirit box with multiple occasions of validation coming through with names been mentioned of guests sat around the table. A child’s voice was also heard in one of the bedrooms by Annette and Tony while investigating the top floor.

Our guests also witnessed K2 spikes and various changing temperatures on the MEL meter as well. The Ovilus produced interesting results while been used in the phonetic mode with a number of guests names been heard repeated back through it.

Once we more the spirits of Wasdale Hall had not let us down and we cannot wait to return in 2018.