Ghost Hunting @Gressenhall Workhouse Museum, Norfolk Saturday 9th October 2021

Gressenhall…….Wow! This location is steeped in history and you cant help but be amazed by the sheer size of it, let alone the amount of activity we receive every time we attend. So what activity did we have, we hear you ask……

In the Boardroom area, we had reports of table tapping and of the table tipping. On the spirit box, some of the guests names were repeated when we asked them to be repeated. A Rem-pod doll was activated by an unseen force which made the team and guests jump. A ball continually flashed throughout the first vigil, even when a different ball was placed in the same position and then moved to a different area in the room. Another guest had sound enhancers on and heard whispering through them. There was also reports of touches to guests and team heads.
Our last vigil in the Boardroom was a bit more quieter as it seemed the spirits were as tired as we were, however we decided to do a Human Pendulum which proved to have amazing results as the lady in the middle was moved by the spirit forwards and backwards in response to yes and no questions.

In another room nearby, where the carriages are stored, there was a lot of tapping noises around the room. As we went over to investigate, the tapping seemed to move, leading us in circles. Another team later reported that there was tapping heard to the left of the room and shadows witnessed to the right of the room. We placed a ball on top of one of the glass cabinets, it kept flashing on demand. A K2 went up to red in response to questions asked from guests, there was also singing heard through the spirit box and a guest felt their hair being touched.

In the Laundry Room, there was reports of the table moving on command, table tapping and when asked what a team members aftershave smelt of, the spirit box said “garlic.” What was ironic about this was that the team had had a meal before the event and it was Spaghetti Bolognaise and Garlic Bread, We had laughed amongst ourselves that we hope we didn’t smell of garlic around the guests.

The balls were flashing a lot in this area and a torch reportedly turned on and off. Table Tipping was attempted in this area and the table went up on two legs and moved all over the room with guests only lightly touching it. There is a small side room which guests and team felt they were being watched from, a ball was placed in the area and kept going off, a team member thought they saw a head peeing around the door frame too. We asked questions about the spirit and it answered with flashes suggesting the spirit was of a little boy.

On the spirit box the name “Ann” came through and on one of our guests devices the words “coffin” and “he’s guilty” appeared. In the back room, the ball was flashing on demand. As a group stood talking, a stone seemed to fall from the ceiling. This stone was found after a few moments and dropped by a team member to reenact the sound. It was the same sound, there were no other stones in the room and being there is a sheet metal roof, there doesn't seem to be any explanation to where the stone came from.

In the School Room, there were reports of the K2 meter going off near some of the younger ladies in the group and a ball flashing near the door. There was also reports of the ball flashing on the tables near the back and tapping heard around the room.

In the cottage, there were reports of the balls flashing in the bathroom area. The table was creaking when doing table tipping, later groups reported tapping on the table and slight movement. Guests names were also repeated on the spirit box and one guest was called a “B****!” There were also shadows seen along the walls near the bedroom.

In the Chapel, there was a strange shadow witnessed moving around the room, however later on this was debunked as a moth caught in the exit sign and its shadow had been projecting on the wall. However, the ball was flashing in the pulpit. Guests also reported being touched on their heads.

All in all, it was an amazing night, there was mist on the ground which added to the atmosphere and made it that little bit more spookier.

Thank you to our amazing team and wonderful guests for joining us at Gressinghall.