Ghost Hunting In Doncaster, Yorkshire, At Cusworth Hall With Simply Ghost Nights & Chris Conway, 27th November 2012

There is no where else in the U.K where Simply Ghost Nights would want to hold our Halloween ghost hunting event other than the splendid, historical and regal Cusworth Hall. With the assistance of Paul and his team the event ran smoothly and efficiently as it usually does at Cusworth Hall with the help of their fantastic team. With a full house of eager ghost hunters and our good friend Most Haunted's Chris Conway all ready to participate in a paranormal investigation, everyone was so excited and eager for the event to begin. We commenced the event with a group vigil and it wasn't long before the spirits of Cusworth Hall would make their ghostly presence felt to our brave paranormal investigators. As the group were all holding hands in a circle and listening for ghostly contact from the spirit world, with a K2 meter in the centre started to inexplicably spike from green to red. Janet, Linda, and Mary all claimed to have seen a spectral shadow walk right in front of them. Numerous ghost hunters also claimed to have heard mysterious foot steps behind them, when no one was near them, with the energies rising we felt it was time to break up into smaller groups and investigate the haunted rooms, corridors. We must firstly state that this was one of the most active nights we have ever encountered and this was also stated by Chris Conway who was still beaming about what he and the Simply Ghost Nights team had witnessed some hours later. So we must apologise for any activity that is omitted or in part only described due to the amount of paranormal activity that was experienced, otherwise the blog would have resembled the novel War & Peace. In a vigil in the jockey room with Rosey, Stuart and Chris a group of ghost hunters were literally being chased around the room by a table in a table tipping experiment, each participant had only their finger tips on the edge of the table to the shock of David and Margaret. Chris felt that the spirit in the room was called Norman, and Norman had an affinity with a coat that was in a display cabinet. As the table moved backwards and forwards at a pace the table would literally ram Rosey to everyone's amusement, Chris asked Norman if he fancied Rosey the table literally rammed Rosey at such a pace that some of the group could not keep up with the table. This confirmed Chris's suspicions that Norman did indeed have an eye for Rosey. We later found out that a coat in the display cabinet did actually belong to  bookmaker called Norman. In a vigil in the hearse room with Jez and Jo, a spirit called John came through on the ouija board, John claimed he said he remembered the Simply Ghost Nights team from before, and that Rosey had promised him a bottle of whiskey on the previous occasions, John through the ouija board had retold the exact same story he had when Simply Ghost Nights were there last time. The bizarre thing was none of the guests in that room were with Simply Ghost Nights the last time we were there. When using the Franks box in the hearse room the group also heard their names called out on the Franks box and John also spelt everyone's names on the Ouija. The hearse room did in fact provide some interesting results with other groups  as well, Mark and Phil commented on how in their vigil in the hearse room the table tipped towards each brave ghost hunter in turn and on request, they also sad the spirit of a girl called Sarah came through on ouija board also. When using the Franks box in the hearse room with Stuart, the group heard their names called out, Christine, Lee, Hannah, Debs, but when it came to say the name Martin, an expletive was heard to come from the Franks box. In a small vigil with Hanna, Lee, Debs, and Martin another expletive was heard from the Franks box, bearing in mind no radio station in the U.K is permitted to air an expletive, this totally astounded the group listening. With banging and the K2s spiking on request being reported from all group vigils as well as disembodied voices been heard in numerous vigils too, it really was a fantastic night of  paranormal activity that was experienced at Cusworth Hall. As previously stated we do apologise for any activity omitted from this blog due the fact there was so much paranormal activity to mention, the Simply Ghost Nights team are so looking forward to our Christmas special at Cusworth Hall on the 15 th December 2012.