Ghost Hunting In Leeds, West Yorkshire, At The Old Leeds Dispensary, With Simply Ghost Nights, 3rd November 2012

This was Simply Ghost Nights first visit to The Old Dispensary in Leeds, the building itself is absolutely enormous for holding a paranormal investigation, with corridors with rooms running off them, and more rooms running off more corridors, all this was set on four levels the only issue was would we get lost in the building in our quest for paranormal activity with our brave ghost hunters who had come out in force ensuring it was another sell out event for Simply Ghost Nights. With the assistance from Martin one of the volunteers from the Old Dispensary, Martin ensured that our guests had plenty of tea and coffee to keep them going throughout the night. The event commenced with a group vigil as to have a tour of the building would have taken a good portion of the night as is the size of the Old Dispensary. As we stood in a circle calling out for tapping or rapping from the spirit world, Tara and Karen both claimed to have heard tapping from behind them, this was backed up by Jonathon and Mark who also claimed to have heard noises from where the chapel and lift area was. Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium picked up on a spirit called Sarah who Stuart stated was a former nurse of the Old Dispensary, Stuart said that Sarah was dressed from an era of the early 20 th century, and that Sarah was walking around the circle watching some of the guests closely, coincidentally Tasha, Sarah and Louise and a few more guests all claimed to have seen a shadow move in the same place Stuart had said Sarah the former nurse was stood. Also in the main group vigil Wendy claimed to have children giggling through the sound enhances to her alarm, Wendy said that the giggling had shaken her up as she had never experienced the sound of a disembodied voice. As the time came to split up into smaller groups and investigate the Old Dispensary for paranormal activity. In a vigil with Mark and Phil using the ouija board they said that the spirit of little girl called Jane came through and spoke to the group, Jane said that she had passed over years ago and that her mother had worked in the Old Dispensary and that she used to like visiting the Old Dispensary. Jane said that she came to the Old dispensary on visitation and that she loved the old building. Somewhere in the bowels of the building Stuart had a vigil in one of the many rooms, where a group experienced some excellent ouija board, the group made spirit contact with a matron by the name of  Marie, Stuart said that he felt Marie to be strict and was not overly keen on the group been in that area of the building, however the group of Sarah, Dean, Diane, John and Henry coaxed lots of answers to their questions. Marie claimed via the ouija board that she had been a matron in the 1890's and had lived locally in Leeds and had loved her job and that she was also married and had children. The group attempted table tipping in the vigil and too the surprise and delight of John the table tipped to and fro has he had never seen a table move in this manner, with everyone's finger tips lightly on the table. John in his disbelief looked for hidden wires and to see if someone was hid under the table pushing it, as there were no wires or anyone sat under the table this added to the shock that John was now in when seeing a table move the way it did. In the chapel with Rosey a group of brave ghost hunters experienced on an ouija board experiment a female spirit from the Old Dispensary come through, the group were staggered at how the glass glided across the board and went to yes and no to there questions, however the former ghostly resident of the building refused to give up her name to the group, but still the group of investigators found the whole encounter heart warming. Jez, Treena and Jez all mentioned some excellent table tipping in around the chapel area, so much so Rosey described how the table tipped onto one leg and spun around to the consternation of the brave ghost hunters who witnessed it. Jez and Treena spoke of some K2 spiking as well on request as did Mark and Phil also, with so much activity recorded it was certainly an active night and one we enjoyed as a team as well.