Ghost Hunting In Lincolnshire At The Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre, With Simply Ghost Nights, 26th October 2012

As ever when we visit Gainsborough Old Nick Theatre we are always helped tremendously by both John and Mo, who both work at the theatre and are always on hand to help with any of our requests and once more we have to thank them for their assistance. We always look forward to our events at Gainsborough Old Nick usually because they are so paranormally active, the building was once a Police station and now is a theatre, and possibly this use of a theatre may be one of the reasons why we have so much activity as the energies from the actors and actresses who perform there on a regular basis produce so much energy in their performances that when a paranormal investigation is held at the theatre, there is so much energy for the spirits to use in communicating with  the living. The night begun with a group vigil in the main theatre as the group were all holding hands listening for any form of spirit communication, Stuart Simply Ghost Nights medium stated that he felt the presence of a male spirit in the room, Stuart said the gentleman in question was watching the group and pacing around the group as if just being nosy, Stuart considered that the spirit would have in the judicial part of the building. At this point both Christine and Jan both reported hearing the sound of shuffling feet from a vacant part of the theatre, When the group asked for the spirits to go to the green light on the K2 meter which was on the floor in the centre of the circle, although the K2 did not spike immediately it did however a few minutes later to the excitement of the group. As tapping was heard in the corner of the room by Kevin and Ryan the K2 would spike again. After another ten minutes of calling out it was time to move into smaller groups and investigate the building. In the main theatre with Stuart a group of ghost hunters had experienced some fantastic table tipping to the amazement of Jamie, Joanne, Mathew, Steven, Kirk and Tony, the table tipped onto two legs in all directions to the groups delight and joy. However when the group used the Franks box it through up a couple of surprises, firstly the group introduced themselves to the spirits in the theatre, as the Franks box scanned the group heard the names Jamie, Steven, Jade, Stuart, however one of the group had the nickname of  'Piggy', and it was suggested that the spirits say 'Piggy'. After literally a few seconds the group heard the words emitted from the Franks box, 'Piggy', 'Piggy', 'Piggy', this absolutely blew the group away as they sat in disbelief at what they had just clearly heard. In a vigil with Rosey and Jo in the Police quarters a group of ghost hunters were calling out when one of the group suddenly exclaimed that a mans face had come right upto her face and she immediately stood and asked to be taken out of the room, Mark one of Simply Ghost Nights team was on hand to take our brave ghost hunter up for a cup of tea and a breather. As the night came to an end and we yet again added all our information up and spoke at length at what had happened in each group, the list was very impressive, we had experienced some amazing results with the Franks box, the ouija boards, we had also witnessed some impressive table tipping as well, many ghost hunters mentioned that they had heard incarnate voices through the sound enhances. All in all it was a really good night and we look forward to our next visit in 2013.