Ghost Hunting @ Knottingley Town Hall, 2nd December 2016


This was Simply Ghost Nights return after a three year sabbatical from investigating Knottingley Town Hall, as the team unloaded the equipment full of anticipation to once more with our ghost hunting guests investigate this old building and see which spirits would come and communicate with us.
After a brief chat with our guests it was time to hold a paranormal investigation at Knottingley Town Hall. We held a group vigil in the cellars where a number of guests felt cold draughts that could not be explained and we heard the sound of scraping coming from the empty corridor as well.
At this time we decided to split into smaller groups, Rosey spoke of a vigil in the ballroom where during a seance the table moved in a number of directions between all those sat around the table and Rosey also described how the group had tapping on request as well.
Stuart and Jez were in the court room where the Mel meter picked up on temperature fluctuations and everyone heard a loud inexplicable bang on request from the top end of the room which was unoccupied.
All groups reported excellent activity in the cellars from table and glass work and while using the spirit box a few choice words were heard when describing some of the guests and several names of the guests too.
Once more Knottingley Town Hall lived up to its reputation as one of West Yorkshire's most haunted buildings.