Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Events At Doncaster Air Museum, With Simply Ghost Nights, 26th July 2014

We once again returned to one of our favourite locations The Doncaster Air Museum, we have had some fantastic paranormal experiences at this location, from full blown apparitions, table tipping and much more too. We were once again given a very warm welcome by the custodian of the museum Alan, once we had arranged the tables into the vigil areas we awaited our full house of ghost hunters to take part in a paranormal investigation.   We begun the night with a brief chat from Alan about the history and a short informative talk from the SGN team regarding what the night would entail. After the formalities had finished it was time to attempt spirit communication with the spirits at The Doncaster Air Museum.   The group vigil commenced in hangar 21 the large fabricated building from the second world war was big enough for all our guests to stand in a circle calling out for spirit interaction. As we all called out Emily a brave ghost hunter screamed that something or someone had prodded her back really sharp even though we were still holding hands. Jenny another intrepid ghost hunter exclaimed that she thought something had stroked her hand and at the same time one of the K2s started to spike as well.   Many ghost hunters stood near a door leading to the corridor of hangar 21 also noted that they had heard the sound of heavy footsteps in the empty corridor, this incident was not the first time we had heard footsteps in the corridor.   After a short while we decided to break off into smaller groups and investigate the Doncaster Air Museum. To be really honest our night of ghost hunting at The Doncaster Air Museum was one of the most active we have ever encountered, so I must apologise if I emit some of the activity recorded as there was such a volume of activity it would be a really long blog.   In the Engine Room with Rosey and Lesley many of the guests saw bizarre sparkling lights were seen and then disappeared another guest swore that he had seen a shadow in the shape of man. rosey and Lesley also spoke of the time he asked if there was the spirit of a mechanic in the room to bang on an engine he had worked on and Lesley said that the group had heard loud taps on an engine at the other side of the room to the groups amazement.   Stuart spoke of a vigil in hangar 21 with a group of first time ghost hunters who instantly took to calling out for spirit contact and to their amazement while doing a table tipping experiment the table began to move backwards and forwards, when the group asked for tapping on request the spirits duly obliged. And Kerry one of the ghost hunters said that she saw a figure moving on the CCTV in the eerie corridor of hangar 21.   In the Main hanger with Rosey and Lesley a group of ghost hunters heard tapping on the table and via the glass they communicated with a nurse, however a guest heard a mans voice say hello to the guests utter shock. When the group atttempted table tipping with table actually lifted up onto two legs. The group also heard a really loud bang in an area of the hanger where there were no guests.   Rosey and Lesley spoke at length when the group made spirit contact with a male spirit on the table via the ouija board who claimed to be a pilot, but later in the vigil they discovered he was only teasing he was in fact a storeman. He was called Ben and that he was 29 when he passed over to spirit and that he looked after the equipment. Ben informed the group that he was married and that his wife was called Valerie he also said the year was 1944 and he got really annoyed if the ghost hunters questioned his answers or asked for further information. The groug then heard lots of taps in the corner and when asked Ben said it was him   Phil and Vee also spoke of some brilliant table tipping in the main hangar and glass work, Phil described how the table moved onto two legs and rocked backwards and forwards as well. Phil also mentioned that the group had experienced some glass work as well in this vigil.  Jez and Mark mentioned that they communicated with a mechanic called Ben on the table who didn't like us tapping on his engines when we were asking him to tap back. In a tabloe tipping experiment the table began moving in all directions and the group also had some great tapping in response to questions. Ben told the group there were three spirits in total. Such was the level of activity experienced on this event it as to be one of the best we have had at Doncaster Air Museum, with table work, people been touched, great Franks box responses, and the shadowy figure of a spirit been seen on the CCTV not once but twice.