Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Events At Knottingley Town Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 20th June 2014.

The Simply Ghost Nights team were excited to be returning to Knottingley Town Hall for a ghost hunting event, we have had some fantastic activity in the past at Knottingley Town Hall on a ghost hunt, the question was would the spirits be as responsive as they had been on previous events. The night commenced with a group vigil in the oldest part of Knottingley Town Hall the cellars, the cellars were once the original part of an old monastery that Knottingley Town Hall had been built on. Theresa a ghost hunter shot forward and alleged that she had been touched on the head, as everyone was holding hands this was impossible for anyone to do, Theresa spoke of how she felt someone breathe on face as well. With all this in mind we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate the ghostly world of Knottingley Town Hall. One of the most eventful occurrences on our ghost hunting event at Knottingley Town Hall, was in the cellar and a group of ghost hunters were calling out for spirit activity when from nowhere, a brand new joinery screw hit SGN team leader Chris on the head. No one in the group had thrown the screw as the group had some subtle lighting on. This incident really amazed and surprised the group no more than Chris who as kept the screw as a keep sake. Coincidentally this is not the first time that items have been thrown at this location on previous ghost hunts we have stones thrown down the corridors of the cellars. In the ballroom Lesley, Jez, Chris and Sam mentioned that a group of ghost hunters experienced the table moving and taps in response to questions. While using the glass the group got a child who called Jamie who had passed in 1615 who fell out of a tree communicate with them, taps were also heard in the room by the window. When asked if he liked our singing and whether the thought of the group communicating via the table was funny, the glass went to yes. Lesley spoke of how some guests complained of feeling sick, being touched, and footsteps in the corridor as well. The group of ghost hunters also said that they had seen shadows moving in the corridor and heard whistles from the empty corridors too. Lesley also continued that in the cellar a group of ghost hunters were sat in one of the far rooms and had the table moving backwards and forwards, taps were heard and K2 spikes occurred on request as well. Meanwhile the boys went back to the far end of the corridor and they called out for something special to happen and immediately Chris had a screw drop on his head as mentioned earlier to Chris's absolute shock. In the court room with Stuart a group of ghost hunters were calling out for ghostly activity when a guest called Rob tapped on the table three times only for the identical  to resonate on a wall behind the group, some of the group went to investigate the taps but could not find any logical explanation for the repeated taps. Rosey and Vee spoke of an excellent table tipping display by the spirits of Knottingley Town Hall in the ballroom, with table going to each member of the group in turn and on request. In the ballroom we had set up our CCTV hub and two guests and Sam all stated that they had seen a dark shadow moving on the CCTV monitor and no one was in the cellar at the time.   Once again we were beat by the sands of time and once more the spirits of Knottingley Town hall had communicated with our ghost hunters to a fantastic degree. As we left Knottingley Town hall all excited and giddy at the amount of activity noted and the fact that we could not work out how a screw had hit Chris on the head.