Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Events At Saltmarshe Hall, With Simply Ghost Nights, 14th June 2014

Simply Ghost Nights were excited to hold our second event at Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire, the hall sits prominently in its own grounds and is now fast becoming a popular ghost hunting event. The night commenced with a group vigil in one of the old kitchens in the servant's quarters, we all heard footsteps above from the empty servants sleeping quarters as we called out for the spirits of Saltmarshe hall to communicate with our brave ghost hunters. Banging was also heard from behind a wall which matched our own tapping's that we did. A ghost hunter called Chloe said that she felt her scarf been pulled and Amanda said that her trousers had been tugged as well. We also experienced taps in the room but everyone in the room could not ascertain where the taps were actually coming from. We then decided to split into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication at Saltmarshe Hall, Lesley, Rosey and Jez said that they experienced in the cellar some table tipping and cold draughts were felt by many guest as well as taps on table on request, footsteps heard, shadows moving behind guests. Lesley then took 2 guests on a lone vigil back to where the table had been moving. They called out for spirit to touch one of them and the male guest shouted immediately that he'd been touched which is what they had asked for. The group felt it was a female spirit that had taken a fancy to him as he felt something pulling on his trouser waist. In the stables Stuart and Phil mentioned that a group of ghost hunters had a certain amount of joy with the table tipping and tapping too. Martin, Hannah and Phil all exclaimed together that they had heard the ghostly voices of children, with no children in sight this puzzled the group and coincidentally Martin said that he had heard the sound of horse's hooves while wearing a set of sound enhances. Vee mentioned that in the cellars that they had seen some light analomies come and then just disappear, this was something that Lesley spoke about as well that white light analomies had been seen by a whole group on four separate occasions. In the stables Jez said that he felt the name of a spirit called William was in the room (this was the first time Jez had ever mentioned a spirits name in such away), when using the Ouija board the group asked if this was William and the glass moved to yes. Stuart and Vee also spoke of some brilliant glass work in the cellars and two ghost hunters swore that they had seen a full bodied apparition in the cellars, stood in front of them. All in all it was another great night of paranormal activity at Saltmarshe Hall and it's definitely a venue we will be returning to soon.