Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunt At Morecambe Winter Gardens, With Simply Ghost Nights, 28th September 2013

We were once again indebted to Peter from The Morecambe Winter Gardens preservation team for his help in running the event and for the comprehensive tour he provided for our eager ghost hunters. This was our numerous visit to Morecambe Winter Gardens and more often it had not disappointed on the paranormal activity front, we had encountered very loud and clear ghostly footsteps and the sounds of doors opening and shutting in empty corridors so this event filled us with excitement as we relieved the previous activity we had witnessed at Morecambe Winter Gardens.   After a quick tour of the building lead by Peter it was time to begin the investigation in earnest and attempt spirit communication with the ghostly residents of Morecambe Winter Gardens, we began the investigation with a group vigil in the theatre. As we all held hands and called out to the spirit world of Morecambe Winter Gardens to interact with us. Stuart Simply Ghost Nights resident medium said he was picking up on the spirit of a gentleman sat up in the gods area of the seating plan, Stuart said that he felt the gentleman to be severely intoxicated as he would have been as if he had still remained on the earth plane. At this time Martin and Paul both claimed to have seen ghostly movement in and around the vicinity of the gentleman spirit. Nicola then claimed to have seen the spectral shape of a gentleman moving only briefly near the stage.   Edwina and Jez claimed to have heard footsteps behind from where the stalls were in the theatre, Paul a self confessed sceptic and on his first ever investigation also mentioned that he felt light headed; maybe Paul was picking up on the drunken emotions of the nearby spirit.   After all this excitement of ghostly footsteps, noises, and dark shadow movements it was time to split into smaller groups and attempt spirit communication with past residents of Morecambe Winter Gardens.   In a vigil in the ladies bar with Rosey, Sam and Lesley a group of brave ghost hunters made contact via the Ouija board with a former burlesque dancer named Miss Liz, the enchanting burlesque dancer informed the group of her time on the earth plane which kept the group captivated. Lesley mentioned that while taking part in a lone vigil Martin a S.G.N regular was sat on the central staircase when after about approximately ten minutes Martin in his own words saw a glowing pair of legs walk down the stairs towards him. Martin literally ran back to the group via the other set of stairs as quick as he could, Rosey said that Martin was in a total panic at what he had just seen. A guest had a great personal experience of footsteps following him and a cold icy blast on his neck in the projector room where no breezes were noticeable.   In a vigil on the stage with Gaz, Jez and Stuart the group made contact with a former worker at Morecambe, Stuart said that he could see the man with lots of keys around his person and Stuart said that he felt the man would have been called Sidney. Also Nicola, Paul, Louise, Edwina and Steve were fascinated by the tapping they also heard on the table while communicating with Sidney and in this vigil the table slightly rocked to and fro to the excitement of the group as well.  David said that he felt as though something had pulled at his arm and Nicola said that she could smell flowers on the stage too.   Under the stage there were reports from all team leaders of excellent glass work and at one point Stuart, Paul, Martin, Jez and Graham all saw a mysterious white light at the far end of the room, the light remained in view for about 5 seconds and disappeared into the ether. This incident amazed all those that witnessed it and however they tried to replicate it they could find no valid reason for its occurrence.   As the final curtain came down on our time at Morecambe Winter Gardens it had indeed been a curious night, with footsteps been heard, a strange white light appear and disappear, as well as glass divination too, all in all it had been quite an exciting time at Morecambe Winter Gardens.