Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At 35 Stonegate, York With Simply Ghost Nights, 1st February 2014

This was Simply Ghost Nights first investigation at 35 Stonegate in York and one we were looking forward too, within the house itself 35 Stonegate is a timber framed built building that is over six centuries old and still has many of its original features such as the ornate wooden beams and many of the rooms still have the original oak panelling. Stonegate is said to date back to medieval times and would have seen so much history if only the walls could talk, what would they say, however the spirits of 35 Stonegate do talk and what will they tell us of what they've seen over the years. What characters will have occupied the building and worked there, a whole fabric of life could be unveiled before your very eyes as you ghost hunt at this most haunted of locations what would happen on our ghost at 35 Stonegate, York. With a full house of ghost hunters we commenced the night with a group vigil in the large dining room, as the group called out to the spirit world to entertain them with some form of communication, we all heard a feint whimper from the far corner where no one was stood. At about the same two ghost hunters heard the sound of a mysterious heart beating noise that we could not explain or reason for the bizarre heart beating noise. Guests also reported the sensation of been touched on the head and some guests also claimed to have felt their chairs moving with no one around them either. Also the K2s spiked as well and we also heard tapping on the table too. Before the event began Mark and Phil two of our investigators found a broken mask in the mask room, at the same time Lesley another of our investigators was talking about a spirit girl who had chased Julie the custodian of Stonegate out of the mask room some years ago, at the same time Jez another of our investigators got the word Africa out of the Ovilus III, while using it prior to the event starting.  The mask was originally strangely enough from of all places Africa. In the attic with Rosey, Jez and Lesley the group heard tapping on a table and the K2 spiking on request as well, also many of the ghost hunters also said that they could feel cold draughts permeating around them. Dark shadows were also seen in the attic area as well by a number of our brave ghost hunters. In a vigil in the main area with Stuart, Phil and Mark a group of ghost hunters were thrilled when attempting spirit communication via a table tipping experiment, the table tipped to each ghost hunter in turn and in addition the knocks and bangs on request were absolutely phenomenal to the point that the group were in shock at the loud bangs emitted from the table. Also in a vigil in the Mask room with Stuart, Mark and Phil using the Franks box a number of the guests heard their own names spoken back to them via the Franks box, also in the Mask room the group made spirit contact with a former ghostly resident of Stonegate on the Ouija board. With spikes on the K2's, and th eoccasional blip on the Ovilus III, as well excellent table and glass work, as well some incarnate voices captured by our intrepid ghost hunters while using the sound enhances it surely was a quite successful night of paranormal activity at 35 Stonegate and one the Simply Ghost Nights team cannot wait return too.