Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Armley Mills, Leeds, Yorkshire, 1st March 2014

Our ghost hunting event at Leeds Armley Mills was one of excitement and anticipation with a full house of ghost hunters all eager to begin their ghost hunting experience, after the prelimanary talk and the runthrough of the ghost hunting equipment by Simply Ghost Nights investigator Jez it was time for the event to begin We started with a large group vigil in the upstairs room which used to be the Chairmans room, this vigil was quiet with nothing happening at all, would the spirits carry on in the same vein and ignore our brave ghost searchers. In a word No, every team leader reported a mass of activity in most vigil areas and due to the data each team leader reported at the end of the night. In the cottages with Jez a group of ghost hunters experienced table tapping and corner of the eye movement. Two of our guests sat in the entrance way of the house, watching the staircase. Through night vision they saw two young children peer around the top of the bannister and then duck back. They said that when we were calling out from one room for taps etc, they were hearing them in the hall way. At the bottom of the staircase we used the ovilus, and the first word it listed was records. Staff on site advised that the upstairs of that building was now used for offices, and record storage. In the cinema with Lesley and Rosey a group spotted a few light anomalies in the corner near the piano and also near the cinema screen.. Shadows moving around screen area, few taps on request.  Also in the pump room Jez continued that during an Ouija session in the same area presented 2 spirits to the table, one an elderly lady and a young boy. Several people advised the could hear children singing and footsteps from the room above and on the staircase where they were. The floor above is the Victorian schoolroom display which was locked. In the machinery room with Vee and Donna they made spirit contact with a spirit called Tim on the ouija board, Vee also mentioned that they also heard tapping on request as well in this vigil in the eerie machinery room. Vee spoke of how the group were entertained as Tim made the K2 spike from green to red on request as well.  In the cottages with Chris and Stuart a group of ghost hunters witnessed an amazing session of table tipping as the table moved between all of them with their finger tips slightly on the table to the groups amazement. Also in two separate vigils in the cottages both Rosey and Vee commented that torches had been turned on with no one near them and that these torches were both SGN guests equipment, and that had to be pressed to turn them on to the aamzement of all those who witnessed it. Rosey and Lesely also spoke of the cottages in regard to paranormal activity where guests felt cold breezes on them, and dark shadows were seen moving in a corner and at the same time tapping was heard from the corner as well. Surprisingly a door handle was turned in this vigil and when it was investigated who had turned the door handle no one was there. In the machinery room with Stuart and Chris a group attempted a table tipping experiemnt with a difference, with their hands above the table, with no one near the table with their hands about 2-3 inches above the table the group called out for the spirit world to move the table, after a few minutes of attempting this the table actually moved a couple of inches to the groups roars of approval. The power of the spirit world never ceases to amaze and baffle us when they can do so much to prove their existence to an astounded group of ghost hunters. Jez and Nigel reported that in the pump room Martin a ghost seeker said he could see a light turning itself on and off. The room was locked but Jez said that the group could quite clearly see what appeared to be a light turning on in either an adjoining room, or possible a display stand. Speaking to Armley Mills staff a little later they advised there was no adjoining room or window, nor any display stands that had power so the source of this strange light was unknown to the shock of the group. Coffin room was awash of activity for Rosey and Lesley as a group heard whistles and ghostly whispering was heard again, and most spectacular was a guests torch rocking on a table on request several times with no one touching the table or the torch.  Once more we were beaten by the ghopstly sands of time and as we packed the equipment away we all spokke of how a brilliant night of activity it had been and one we cannot wait to return to Leeds Armley Mills for a ghost hunt.