Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Bolling Hall, Bradford, With Simply Ghost Nights, 12th October 2013

This was one event we could not wait to return to, Bolling hall is one of the Simply Ghost Nights favourite places to hold a paranormal investigation. We were once again greeted by David and Paul from Bolling Hall, who made sure every one of our whims, was catered for and ensured that our full house of ghost hunters had the perfect experience.   We begun the night with a large group vigil in the ballroom where some of our ghost hunters saw dark shadows moving in and around the room, and also the K2 spiked on numerous occasions as well. At one point we all heard an extremely loud bang from one of the internal walls with no one with in touching distance of the wall could this have been a spirit attempting to communicate with ou brave ghost hunters. After all this excitement we decided to move on and break up into smaller groups and try to communicate with the ghostly residents of Bolling Hall. In the kitchen with Lesley one ghost hunter said that she felt as though the torch was being pulled from her grasp. Another ghost hunter said that she felt as though her she had suddenly developed heavy feet. Lesley also stated that many ghost hunter mentioned that they could feel loads of cold draughts in and around the table even though there was no noticeable breeze at all.. Lesley also spoke of how on the Ouija board the group made spirit contact with five children, a set of twins of five years of age, an eight year old, and a five and a one year old too. Also Lesley mentioned that strange taps were heard on back of guests' chair that weren't even moving to cause the tapping. In the kitchen with Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart picked up on the spirit of a gentleman called Isaac; Stuart felt the man would have worked in service in the house. The group attempted a table tipping experiment to make contact with Isaac and was totally amazed when the table began to rock backwards and forwards, the group attempted to use the Ouija board to speak to Isaac and were successful in learning that Isaac had passed over at the age of thirty eight and that he had been married and that his wife was called Sarah Ann, and the group also found out that they had no children either.   Jez spoke of how in a vigil in the attic a group of ghost hunters became frightened at the spiking of the K2 and the tapping on request they had heard too, in the darkened attic. Footsteps were also heard by the group and on inspection no one was around to have made the footsteps. Also Jez spoke of some fantastic glass work in the blue room where the group made ghostly contact with a gentleman called Luke who had worked the land on the Bolling estate, unfortunately Luke was illiterate and the group could only gleam information by Luke answering questions with yes and no. Lesley also mentioned a most interesting human pendulum experiment where they made contact with the spirit of a servant who had a child illegitimately. She worked in the house her son was called William who had been through in a previous vigil with this same group of guests. However after about ten minutes the ghost hunter who was the human pendulum felt sick and had to take the brave ghost hunter from the room with its heavy atmosphere where she very quickly recovered. Donna spoke of how a group noticed that a green exit light started to flash in response to the groups questions to the spirits of Bolling Hall, Donna said that they would ask questions and the green light would flash in accordance with the questions asked. After this vigil Donna asked David the custodian of Bolling hall if this was a regular occurrence and David said that this was the first time he had heard of the green light flashing as it did. Mark and Phil also spoke of how in a table tipping experiment that the table tapped on request for an ensemble of excited ghost hunters sat around the table, Markwent further to say that two of the group noticed dark ghostly shadows moving near the table and then disappear. Stuart spoke of excellent tapping on the table in the red room which amazed the ghost hunters present around the table, Mark and Phil also acknowledged that they too had witnessed some great table tipping on request in the red room too. With all groups experiencing so much activity it was hard to state which area or group did not experience some form of paranormal activity, with K2 spiking, table tipping, Ouija board and incarnate voices heard through the sound enhances our latest visit to Bolling Hall was a fantastic time.