Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster, 22nd February 2014

We were once again cordially welcomed to Cusworth Hall by Craig and Phil who both helped the Simply Ghost Nights team with all that was needed and much more to ensure the paranormal investigation ran smoothly and professionally. With a full capacity of ghost hunters all ready and willing, to embark into the ghostly realms of Cusworth Hall. We held the group vigil in the Jockey room with all our ghost hunters holding hands in a large circle. In the group vigil many of our ghost hunters said that they had sensed something near them and touch them, a throaty gurgle was also heard from a vacant part of the room by a number of our ghost seekers. After all this it was decided to split into our smaller groups and attempt to interact with the spectral world of Cusworth hall.      In a vigil in the Jockey room with Treena, Vee and Donna while using the Ouija board the group made contact with Norman a regular spirit who usually makes his presence known in vigils and who also has a hatred for Simply Ghost Nights medium Stuart. After a short Ouija session the group used the Franks box Treena asked 'what do you think of Stuart', and Treena commented that the group erupted in laughter when they heard Norman say through the Franks box 'he's a dick'. Also in the Jockey room with Rosey, Lesley and Jez we have learned over the years that Norman has a liking for Simply Ghost Nights Rosey, in the past the table has moved towards Rosey and tipped towards the sound of her voice would this event be the same. Well in essence it was where the table moved to Rosey on request, however it did seem that Norman was sharing his love on this occasion as the table moved towards a brave ghost hunter as well  much to the disappointment of Rosey. Nigel, Danni and Stuart all mentioned a strange light that was emitted from the downstairs room, with a group of ghost hunters participating in a Victorian séance Nigel spotted a bizarre light that had manifested itself on a wall nearby, once Nigel had brought this strange light to everyone's notice as the group watched the light for ten seconds or so the light suddenly vanished and never to reappear. Nigel, Danni, Stuart and the group of ghost hunters tried to recreate the light but however they tried they could not replicate the light source. In another vigil Vee, Treena and Donna spoke of how they heard tapping on request while singing nursery rhymes to the spirit children, and in the Hearse room they heard a child giggling and experienced a really good table tipping session. Coincidentally in the hearse room with Danni, Nigel and Stuart a couple of ghost hunters also claimed to have heard spirit children giggling and also Nigel had to rush out of the hearse room when the group all heard loud footsteps from outside the room, when Nigel got there no one was in the corridor this repeated a few more times as well. Lesley, Jez and Rosey also mentioned that while using a Ouija board the group had a spirit claiming to a be a former owner of Cusworth hall called Mr. Batty-Wrightson, the group asked him many questions and received plenty of answers too in their quest to communicate with Mr. Batty-Wrightson Stuart, Danni, and Nigel commented that two ghost hunters had claimed to have seen a dark silhouette moving about in the chapel area and Rosey, Jez and Lesley also spoke of a similar incident that a ghost hunter had seen a dark shadow moving about and then quickly disappear With all team leaders experiencing all manner of occurrences it was definitely an active night at Cusworth Hall, with table tipping, incarnate voices, K2 spikes, and much more we cannot wait for our annual Halloween event on the 25th October.