Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Cusworth Hall, Doncaster with Simply Ghost Nights, 26th October 2013

What can be said any further regarding a ghost hunt at Cusworth Hall in Doncaster, Simply Ghost Nights have held seven ghost hunting events at one of Yorkshires premier buildings. In the past we have experienced fantastic paranormal activity at Cusworth Hall and the question was would ourlatest adventure there be any different. We were once again joined by our good friend TV medium Chris Conway who himself like the Simply Ghost Nights team enjoys taking part in paranormal investigations at Cusworth Hall.  We dispensed with the group vigil and literally hit the ground running and spilt into smaller groups and dispersed to all quarters of the building to try to communicate with the former residents of Cusworth hall. On the lower ground with Phil and Donna a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact via the Ouija board with a lady who had a child with her, although the lady was communicating the child would not communicate with the group. Phil spoke of how the spirit lady informed the group that she had lived in the house working as a maid. Phil also said that some of the ghost hunters while they were stood in a circle calling out two of the group stated that they felt they had been prodded in the back by the unseen hands of the spirit world. On the top floor with Lesley near to the hearse room with one of our brave ghost hunters they both heard both their names called out through the Franks box several times and also obscenities were also heard repeatedly, Lesley said that she asked the spirit to not be rude and be nice and then the Franks box stopped on some lovely classical music.   The obscenities were not only just be restricted to the upstairs area of the building too, in a vigil in the Jockey room with Simply Ghost Nights resident medium Stuart, the group listened intently as they sat around listening for taps or banging. Stuart said he felt the energies of a male spirit, Stuart said that he thought this could be Norman who disliked Stuart from previous investigation at Cusworth Hall as Norman had a little thing for Rosey, Stuart's wife. When asked by the group whether Norman was in the room a loud and clear thud was heard from on top of the table to everyone's amazement. Stuart suggested using the Franks box to communicate with Norman, as the group sat around asking if Norman was in the room the group clearly heard 'yes',  from the Franks box. When asked by Graham a veteran ghost hunter if Norman liked Stuart the amount of obscenities that was then emitted from the Franks box shocked even Graham who has been on many ghost hunts.  Every conceivable swear word was heard and repeated constantly and it was all aimed at Stuart to the giggles of the group including Vicky, Carol, Mandy, Lisa and Stuart himself. In the hearse room with Jez a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with a spirit of a former worker of the estate, through tapping on the table and also dark shadows were also seen in this vigil by some of the group. In a vigil with Rosey and Chris in the school room communicating via tapping on the table, also in the school room some guests also saw dark shadows moving about as we. Rosey also spoke of how in the hearse room a group of ghost hunters experienced some fantastic table tipping as the table tipped backwards and forwards to the guests excitement. Phil also mentioned that in vigil in the wedding room a group of ghost hunters experienced light phenomena with 2 or 3 unexplained flashes of light been emitted from within the room, and also dark shadows were also seen as well by the group. Stuart and Lesley also mentioned in the room at the back of the Victorian school room a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a gentleman via the K2 metre. The K2 metre spiked on request to questions that the group asked and also in this vigil the group al heard there names repeated back to them via the Franks box as well. Jez also mentioned that in the Jockey room a group of guests made spirit contact with a former gardener and his wife who had worked in the kitchen. Jez also spoke of how one of the guests reminded the spirit lady of her own sister. Also in this vigil the group also experienced some table tipping as well. Once more we were beaten by the clock as we correlated all our data from the investigation and realised that our brave ghost hunters had experienced so much activity such as feeling as though they had been prodded, hair been touched, incarnate voices, obscenities from th eFranks box, k2 metres spiking, table and glass work, with All this in the forefront of minds who could now wait for the 14 th December 2013 when we return again to Cusworth hall.