Ghost Hunting & Paranormal Ghost Hunts At Dewsbury Town Hall, Yorkshire, with Simply Ghost Nights, 14th September 2013

Our event at Dewsbury Town Hall was our fourth visit and one we couldn't wait to begin with its majestic clock tower been the most prominent spectacle you see as you drive down the hill towards Dewsbury.  This imposing grade 2 listed building is full of original stained glass windows, wood panelling, beautiful columns and ornate ceilings. The Town Hall contains an intimate 700 seat concert hall, spectacular function and meeting rooms, plus it also contains the Old Court Room. With all this in the forefront of our minds and it was an exciting drive as we spoke of what may happen at this grandest of Town halls. Unfortunately we had to dispense with our customary walk around the building due to the immense size and many rooms and corridors of Dewsbury Town Hall. We decided to do a large group vigil in the theatre room with our fearless ghost hunters sat all around the theatre room. As we called out Michael and Barbara both claimed to have heard ghostly voices from within the stage area and Jonathon said that he had heard tapping from behind him. With ghost like shadows also been seen by many ghost hunters we decided to break up into smaller groups and investigate Dewsbury Town Hall. Both Jez and Gaz spoke of how they made ghostly contact with a little spirit girl on the Ouija board in the police cells called Loo, who claimed to have passed over to spirit aged 6 years old, and that she had died in a fire on that site, but it was not clear if it was in the town hall or on the land or buildings before the Town hall had been built. Coincidentally Jez commented the he had communicated with her before on a previous visit. Gaz and Jez also spoke of many a ghost hunter mentioning that they had feelings of being oppressed and sadness in the cells. Also while under the stage In the dressing room with Lesley and Treena a number of guests attempted scrying where the results impressed our ghost hunters said that their features had changed and one lady stated that she had morphed into the face of a male with a more prominent nose, forehead and what seemed like a moustache.  Lesley also recorded that in a vigil on the top floor they heard loud tapping on the table in response to the questions the group asked. In the cells they witnessed slight table movement, and some k2 activity however the most impressive part of night was when a bell, Rosey had thrown earlier, rolled out of nowhere towards the group and simultaneously the k2 began to spike into activity. The most sobering thought of this incident is that Lesley, Treena and none of the ghost hunters were anywhere near the bell at all. A number of guests heard strange noises and whistles through the sound enhancers and also a massive temperature drop in courtroom was noticed in which many guests experienced and then the temperature returned to normal. Sam and Rosey both spoke of how they saw light and heard sound anomalies which many a ghost hunter in their group experienced on the stage as well as glass activity.  During a Ouija session in the cells a loud bang emanated from the end room and on investigation a heavy black sack containing what felt like heavy material had appeared two feet away from where it had been placed with other bags this shocked the whole group as no one had been in the room was this the activity of a playful poltergeist spirit in the cells. Sam mentioned that in two vigils both different groups of investigators all experienced some fantastic table activity and glass work too. Stuart spoke of how in one of the chambers on the top floor and the robing room two groups of ghost hunters experienced table tipping and in the cells a group of ghost hunters made ghostly contact with the spirit of a former police officer  by the name of Ian. In the cells the K2 was spiking on request to questions asked by the group. Also incarnate voices were heard in the theatre and on the top floor as well. With such a variety of paranormal activity reported by all team leaders Dewsbury Town hall certainly provided plenty of food for thought for our ghost hunters.